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On the road again

When I first moved to the Midwest approximately twenty years ago it wasn't exactly easy following my favorite football team. That thing called the Internet hadn't been invented by Al Gore yet. Jim Heckman was charging an outrageous amount on a 800 line to find out what was going on as far as recruiting goes and the Sunday version of the Seattle Times was still your best source for all things Husky. I used to get my copy around Wednesday. Direct TV was just an idea not a service. You wouldn't believe what it cost to dial in to hear a broadcast on the phone!

So what I actually did back then was fly to as many games as possible. I used to go to as many as six different games at home and on the road. It was great because the team was still winning even though DJ had stepped down. The atmosphere on the road was carnival like with as many as 10,000 Husky fans following the team wherever they happened to be playing.

In 2008 every single game is broadcast on TV plus we have all the great gadgets and tools that have sprung from the Internet. I really don't need to leave my couch to cover the team with all the tools available. I will say there is no substitute for seeing the game in person because you can actually see the whole field on focus on whatever you want.

This week I am flying out for my lone Husky game of the season. We would go to more but with an 0-8 team it just doesn't make a lot of sense. Going into the season I would say there was no way we were going to beat ASU but that just shows what Dennis Erickson and I know. The Sun Devils simply aren't very good. Washington has a chance in this one of they actually show up.

The question is will they actually show up? I don't think they will do that till the WSU game. I have to go with a three touchdown win for Arizona State in this one. The Sun Devils are actually playing for something. They know if they win out they still can play in a bowl game and salvage their season. I think that alone will be most of the difference on Saturday. My only hope is that the game stays competive for most of the first half. If it is 21-0 at a half empty Husky Stadium in the first quarter it is going to be very ugly.

See you in the parking lot!

Botton Ten

ESPN released the Bottom Ten and Washington has leap frogged WSU into the #1 spot. Arizona State is a surprising #5.

Obviously I picked a great game to go see!