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Kelly may be the number one choice

The coaching search has gotten really serious and I expect it to come to it's conclusion over the next seven days.

The finalists are the same I mentioned before Thanksgiving and I would give the edge to Brian Kelly at this point. You can also add Mike Leach to the mix at this point after not hearing about him over the past two weeks.

As you all have read Pat Hill has been interviewed and it went well. I don't think Hill is the number one choice but he is a solid coach that most fans would warm up to if he gets the job.

Kelly has interviewed twice and I have always felt he would be the best fit for the job. Even a better fit than Mora. I simply think he has the right blend of experience and personality to get the job done. Whitingham is still out the there but I am hearing that they like Kelly better.

  1. Brian Kelly
  2. Kyle Whittingham
  3. Pat Hill
  4. Mike Leach
  5. Jim Mora

Why do I have Jim Mora in the number five slot right now? I still think he has been the overall leader if the wants the job. I also think that if he doesn't agree to terms today he will be out of the running.

As for Kelly I think he will have the option of choosing between UW and Notre Dame if that job opens up as expected later today. I actually think Washington is more attractive because ND has become an unreasonable pressure cooker. I think most coaches realize that.

Another thing is that even though I don't like Weis I think his best days as a coach at ND are ahead of him because of the good job he has done recruiting. He deserves another year even though he might not get it. I think even going in the best the Irish were going to do was 6-6 or 7-5 and he accomplished that.

I have to run but will be back later this evening.