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Apple Cup Game Thread

First Quarter

UW gets a nice return which is wiped put by a personal foul.

UW starts at the 14 and Griffin picks up five on first down. Fouch intercepted by Pellum. Not a great start for Washington. Pellum took the ball away from Goodwin.

WSU starts at the 45. Tardy picks up around 4. Lopina tossed to Anderson for a first down and the Cougars are driving. Option for minus one. Lopina to Anderson inside the 35. Lopina sacked on the blitz by Butler. WSU forced to punt.

UW starts on the 20. Griffin for 3. Griffin for 8 and the first down. Griffin for five. Griffin for minus 2. Fouch to Gottleib and the first down. Johnson for 4. Jonson for zero. Louis Bland is a real good looking LB. Fouch to Goodwin for a first down. UW at the WSU 43. Johnson for zero. Fouch to Goowin but holding on UW (JWF) is called. Bruns lines up at QB and picks up a nice gain off a fumbled snap. 3rd and 14. Fouch is run out of bounds short of the first down. UW punts.

WSU starts at the 24. Tardy for 1. Lopina tosses one to Gibson just short of the first down. Flag on an end around to Gibson. Illegal shift. Toss to Gibson short of the first down WSU has to punt.

UW starts at the 45 after a poor punt. Griffin for 2. Griffin for 4. Fouch to Goodwin for a first down at the WSU 47.

Washington 0 WSU 0

Second Quarter

UW starts at the WSU 47. Pitch to Griffin and he takes it for 12. Griffin for 2. Griffin for 2. 3rd and 6 at the WSU 30. Fouch to Goodwin for a first down at the WSU 21. Griffin picks up 17 to take it down to the WSU 3. Griffin takes it in for the TD! UW is dominating the line of scrimmage.

Washington 7 Washington State 0

Cougars start at the 20. Lopina incomplete. Lopina to Gibson for 7. Lopina incomplete and WSU goes three and out.

UW starts on the 30. Griffin for zero. Griffin for zero. Fouch to Gottleib for 5. UW goes three and out.

WSU starts at the 22. Lopina to his TE for a big first down at the 44. Tardy stopped for a loss by Fogerson on a blitz. 3rd and long. Forrester intercepts Lopina but there is a flag on the field. Offsetting penalties.

UW takes over on the 40. Griffin for 4. Griffin down to the WSU 25. Griffin for 2. Fouch incomplete in the end zone into double coverage. He had Logan opened but didn't see him. Fouch to Kearse short of the first down. Perkins hits a 35 yard FG.

Washington 10 Washington State 0

WSU starts at the 27. Mitz for a few. Lopina back to the line of scrimmage. 3rd and long for WSU. Lopina to Gibson for the first down. Mitz for 1. Lopina incomplete. Another third and long for WSU. Lopina sacked back at the 30. WSU runs a fake punt for the first down to the UW 45. Screen to Tardy for 1. Lopina incomplete. Lopina sacked. WSU punts.

UW starts at the 8 with 31 seconds to go in the half. UW takes a knee in true Willingham fashion.

Third Quarter

WSU starts on the 20. Tardy picks up 11 for a first down. Tardy for 3. Mitz for 0 nice play by Butler. Lopina to Norell for the first down. Tardy for 3. Lopina flushed out for 2. 3rd and 5. Lopina incomplete and the Cougars have to punt.

UW starts at the 19. Fouch keeps for 4. Nice carry by Griffin for the 1st down. Fouch to Goodwin for 8. Griffin for 3. Griffin for 3. Griffin has 99 yards so far today. Fouch to Bruns to the Cougar 41 on a screen. Bruns has great speed. Griffin for 2. Fouch sacked for a big loss. Double corner blitz for WSU. Fouch almost intercepted on 3rd and 16. UW has to punt.

WSU starts at the 14. Tardy for 6. Tardy for 8 and a first down. The Cougars are looking pretty good. Seems like they are gaining momentum. Lopina for 6. Lopina to Gibson just short of the first down. Mitz picks up the first down and the drive continues. Lopina runs it to the Husky 35 but there is a flag down. Holding on Tardy. The Husky D is tiring out. Cougs at the 43. Mitz takes it 57 yards for the touchdown. We saw this one coming as the Husky defense is getting tired as usual in the third quarter. Quinton Richardson was sucked inside on that one.

Washington 10 Washington State 7

UW starts at the 20. Dailey for one. Why put Dailey in the game? Do we want to fumble? Dailey for 3. Dailey takes it to the 38 and a first down. Dailey picks up 11 to midfield. I guess I don't know what I am talking about. Dailey is looking good. Dailey for 4.

Fourth Quarter

UW starts the fourth quarter at the WSU . Dailey pops it down to the WSU 30. UW getting some nice push. Dailey for 1. Fouch to Gottleib for 7. Fouch fumbles and UW faces a fourth and short. UW will go for a 40 yard FG. They miss it. You have to really question that call by Willingham. The chances of UW making a 40 yard FG is pretty slim.

WSU takes over at the 23. Lopina incomplete. Mitz for 1. Lopina fumbles but the Coug's recover. UW punts and Aguilar returns it 54 yards but it is all coming back because of an illegal block in the back on the opposite side of the field.

UW starts at the 23 after the penalty with 10:31 to go. Dailey for 3. Dailey for 7 and the first down. Dailey for 7. Dailey for minus 1. Went to the well one too many times. Amazing how badly Lappano calls a game. Fouch to Dailey and a first down. Griffin for minus one. Fouch to Gottleib on a screen when WSU was blitzing for a big gain deep into Coug territory. UW at the 22 and Dailey and Fouch run into each other for a loss of 1. Reverse to Jordan Polk for a couple. Offsides on the Cougs. 3rd and 1. Dailey picks up the first down. Dailey pounded for a loss of three. UW is going to have to throw it to score. Fouch to Goodwin for 3. 3rd and 9 for UW. Fouch incomplete and Aguilar drops it. UW will have to try another FG. UW misses the 28 yard FG.

3:45 left to go in this stinker. WSU starts at the 20. Lopina to Norrell for 14. Lopina incomplete. Lopina to his TE for 3. Lopina was pounded by Fogerson on that play. Fogerson is a good looking player. Lopina incomplete. 4th and long for the Cougs. Lopina complete short of the first down and UW takes over.

UW takes over at the Cougar 22 with 2:02 left. Dailey for a couple. Dailey for 3. 3rd and five for UW. WSU will get the ball back for another try if UW does not get the first down. Timeout called with 1:10 left in the game. Dailey for 3. Timeout for the Cougs with 1:04 left. 4th and 3 for UW. UW calls a timeout after looking like they were going for it. UW will punt.

WSU starts at the 20 with 56 seconds left. Look for the Cougars to throw the ball long and for the Huskies to blitz. Lopina to his TE for 9. Lopina incomplete. Lopina to Gibson for a 1st down at the 34. Lopina to Karstetter down to the Husky 18 for a 48 yard gain. UW only had ten men on the field! Lopina to Karstetter down to the Husky eight. WSU spikes it to stop the clock. WSU kicks the FG to tie the game...My Oh My we are going to overtime!

Washington State 10 Washington 10

First Overtime

WSU goes first and Tardy picks up 9. Lopina incomplete in the end zone. Nice play by Forrester. Lopina picks up the first down on the sneak. Tardy takes it down to the 9. Tardy takes it down to the 3. Washington is getting very tired on defense. Tardy stopped short of the first down by Nate Williams. WSU calls a timeout. 4th and very short for the Cougars. Mitz is close on the carry but they have to measure. Cougs pick it up. 1st and goal inside the five. Tardy down to the 2. Tardy loses a yard. 3rd down for the Cougs. Lopina incomplete. 4th down for the Cougs. Great pressure form Mason Foster. Cougs kick the 19 yard FG.

Washington State 13 Washington 10

UW takes over on the 25. Dailey for 5. Griffin takes it down to the 13 for a first down. Griffin for 6. Griffin for 0. Lewis Bland made a great stop for WSU. That kid is a player. Dailey stopped at the five. He didn't turn the ball up field in time. UW has to kick a FG. Ryan Perkins hits a 23 yard FG.

Washington 13 Washington State 13

Second Overtime

Washington starts at the 25. Dailey picks up 8. Dailey for nada. Bland makes another stop for WSU. Fouch almost intercepted and it falls incomplete. UW has to go for a FG. Perkins misses the 37 yard FG.

Washington State now starts at the 25 with the game in the bag. Mitz for a couple. Tardy for 5. 3rd and long for the Cougs. Tardy for nada and the Cougars have a chance to kick and win the game. UW calls a TO to ice the Coug kicker. Coug's attempt a 37 yard FG and it is good!

Washington State 16 Washington 13

Team Stat Comparison
1st Downs 20 15
3rd down efficiency
7-16 5-17
4th down efficiency
0-0 2-3
Total Yards 323 338
Passing 98 167
11-16 17-30
Yards per pass
6.1 5.6
Rushing 225 171
Rushing Attempts
58 37
Yards per rush
3.9 4.6
Penalties 4-50 3-20
Turnovers 1 1
Fumbles lost
0 0
Interceptions thrown
1 1
Possession 35:26 24:34