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UW appoints search committee

University of Washington President Mark Emmert has appointed a search advisory committee to assist in the UW's search for a new head football coach. The committee is chaired by Pat Dobel, a professor of public affairs who also serves as the UW's faculty athletic representative to the Pacific-10 Conference. The committee will report to Emmert and Athletic Director Scott Woodward.

Other members of the committee include Ana Mari Cauce, dean of the College of Arts and Sciences; Ed Taylor, dean for undergraduate academic affairs; Professor Robert Stacey, representing the Advisory Committee on Intercollegiate Athletics; Professor David Lovell, chair of the Faculty Senate; Randy Hodgins, interim vice president for external affairs; Joanne Bowers, head women's gymnastics coach; Anttimo Bennett, president of the Associated Students of the University of Washington; Jake Locker, student athlete; Andre Riley, representing the Big "W" Club; community members Don Barnard and Bob Flowers from the Tyee Board, and Eddie Pasatiempo, representing the UW Alumni Association.

The search committee is just a formality since Mark Emmert and Scott Woodward will be making the final choice with little input from the committee. The main job of the committee will be to advise and lay out some guidelines during the search process.

As far as the search goes most speculation is still centered around Jim L. Mora who is under contract to coach the Seahawks next season. Mora released a statement earlier this month saying he was not a candidate for the position but that has done little to surpress speculation that UW has put on a full court press in their pursuit of him.

If Mora is indeed the man nothing will happen till Seahawks owner and UW donor Paul Allen gives his blessing. Finding a football coach is important but UW isn't going to do anything to strain it's relationship with Allen who is one of the schools largest contributors.