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Nathan Ware hangs it up

Nathan Ware has decided to fold the Seattle PI Dawg Blawg after running the column for the past three years. We are all going to miss Nathan because he brought a lot to the game each week.

Nathan's blog was the #1 Blog the Seattle PI had over the past three seasons. That is a fine accomplishment when you consider how many blogs are associated with the paper.

What it came down to was the grind of trying to write something positive in a season that really didn't have much positive in it. That can take a toll especially when your not being paid to do it.

Nathan will participate a little bit over here next season if the writing bug comes back. Best of luck Nathan and thanks for all the fine work!

About a month ago, I started to think about the future. Will we win a game this season? Who will be the new coach? What will the 2009 season bring?

I also started to wonder what I wanted to do. In some ways, I've missed just being a normal Joe. I used to go to games, talk about them with Mrs. Dawgblawg or some of my friends, and that was that. Now, I go to games, look for storylines to right about, consider different strategies that were used in the games, and spend an inordinate amount of hours writing about them. It's been fun.