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UCLA Defeats Washington

Here we go!

Another one of the most anticipated games of the season between two mediocre teams.

I was talking to my wife Kate tonight about the party we had and she told me that after buying 45 tickets from the UW athletic department she asked about tailgating at the stadium. She was told by the athletic department tailgate parties were discouraged at the University of Washington.

Kate is from Chicago and went to Boston College and she planned all this in secret for my birthday, What type of message is the athletic department sending out to new fans that are unindoctrinated in the traditions of Husky Stadium?

I will be writing more about this as the week goes on. You really have to wonder what is going on behind the purple curtain. Tailgating at Husky Stadium discouraged? Is that the type of answer you should get after spending over $2000.00 on tickets for a game?

So what the heck she went out and rented a 105 foot yacht. (She corrected me it wasn't 65'). Note to Scott Woodward not exactly a smart move by your underlings.

The Huskies got an unlikely commit from TE Marlion Bennett from Corona, California today. He had been Washington lean and really didn't care who the coach was. He smelled the opportunity for early playing time.

Bob Condotta of the Times says the parking lot and stadium are pretty empty with 70 minutes left to go till game time. If you think last week was bad this week is sending a real sincere message to the athletic department. These people aren't coming back or renewing until they ahve proof of meaningful change. chances around 25,000 will actually be on hand even though over 60,000 seats have been sold for todays game/

First Quarter

UCLA opens the game with an efficient 80 yard drive for a touchdown on the first drive. As predicted the Huskies can't stop the bruins on the ground. Twelve plays and 80 yards for the Bruins.

UCLA 7 Washington 0

UW drives a bit but has to punt and the Bruins take over deep in their own territory. Tuiasosopo picks off Craft and take sit to around the ten. Brandon Johnson takes it in for the TD on the option. Something good happens early for a change.

Washington 7 UCLA 7

Second Quarter

Bruins start a drive at the 30 and throw another interception. This one was picked off by Tripper Johnson on a tip. Looks like Tui tipped it. UW takes over at the 45. Fouch stopped on an option than he throws an incomplete. UW is in a third and long situation. Fouch is blitzed fumbles and UCLA picks it up. That was pretty ugly.

The Bruins now have the short field and the Bruins drive in for the score behind the running of Kahlil Bell.

UCLA 14 Washington 7

UW starts around the 26. The UCLA defensive line is taking over the game right now. The UW offensive line isn't getting any push. UW pushes up to the 44 on a Goodwin reception. Fouch overthrows the next one. UCLA seems to be shutting down our receivers deep. Fouch to Goodwin for 9. Johnson picks up the first down. UCLA jumps. Fouch pounded as he unloads the ball for an incomplete pass. Missed call on the next one as Goodwin is bumped. Huskies face a 4th and three and go for it. Fouch sacked on play action. Not exactly the right call. Morgan Rosborough was eaten up.

Craft throws down to the Husky 28 on first down. Bell loses a few. Craft is cracked on the next play and fumbles. He is shaken up on the play. UCLA attempts a 49 yard FG and it is good.

UCLA 17 Washington 7

UW starts at the 34. UW's offense just looks horrible, They really can't get anything going. Fouch to Aguilar for a 13 yard gain over mid field. Bruns on a reverse that looked like it had the option of being a halfback pass. Good looking play for a big gain. Huskies at the UCLA 35. Fouch incomplete and almost intercepted. Fouch intercepted in the end zone.

UCLA starts at the 20 with inside 2 minutes left. Craft sacked by Daniel Teo Nesheim. Bruins go three and out and have to punt with 48 seconds left. Augilar brought down for no return on the punt.

UW starts on the 13. Johnson picks up 10. Fouch is only 3-13 for 23 yards in the first half. Fouch to Kearse short of the first down. UW punts to end the first half.

Third Quarter

UW starts at the 35. Matt Mosley is down on the field in pain. Looks like a knee. Johnson picks up good yardage on the pitch but a flag is down for holding. Johnson for 3. Fouch to Homer for a short gain. Fouch incomplete and UW has to punt.

UCLA takes over on the 20 after a holding call. Bell for 3. Craft incomplete. UCLA foes three and out as Everette Thompson gets a sack.

UW takes over on the 42. Goodwin picks up six on an interesting inside play. Fouch to Goodwin for a nice pick up and a first down. Johnson for 3 on a busted play. Terrance Dailey fumbles on the next play and UCLA picks it up. Hard to fathom what he is doing in there with Johnson developing some rhythm.

UCLA takes over on the 36 and Craft throws incomplete down the sidelines. Craft to Johnson for 8. Craft intercepted by Forrester at the 45.

UW takes over at the 40 after a false start. Homer hears foot steps and drops a pass. Fouch incomplete again. UW forced to punt.

UCLA takes over at the 5 after a nice punt. Bell for around nine. Bell picks up the first down at the 19. Bell for 4. Bell for the first down and some extra yards because of a Husky horse collar. Foster is down with a knee. UCLA at the 44. Carter for a first down. The Husky defense is getting tired. UCLA down to the Husky 44. Craft hits a pass to the 32. UCLA runs for no gain Kirton on the stop. Kraft throws inside the 20 for another first down. Draw play for a loss of 3. Craft passes to Embry for 7. Bell picks up the first down to the 6. Bell down to the one yard line. Bell stopped at the goal line.

Huskies had 31 yards of offense in the third quarter.

Fourth Quarter

Bell take it in to the end zone for UCLA to finish an eight minute drive. That should about do it.

UCLA 24 Washington 7

UW starts at the 22 with 14:47 left. Huskies pick up 6. Johnson picks up 10 and takes it to the 40. Fouch intercepted on one of the sorriest passes I have ever seen.

UCLA takes over on the UW 38. Bell for 6. Bell for no gain. Bell for a first down. Bell for a couple. Craft incomplete. Bell down to the 6. Bell down to the 1. Craft incomplete in the end zone. It was almost intercepted. Craft incomplete. UCLA kicks the FG.

UCLA 27 Washington 7

UW starts at the UCLA 38 after Quinton Richardson almost breaks one. Huskies come out with a delay of game call. Johnson rag dolled at the line of scrimmage. Fouch sacked and fumbled and it is picked up by UCLA who returns it to the Husky 29. This one comes back as he is ruled down. Fouch incomplete on a hail mary. UW is forced to punt.

UCLA starts at the 12. Bruins need to run 8 minutes off the clock to end this stinker. Teo Nesheim picks up a sack. Bruins have to punt.

UW starts at the UCLA 45. Taylor Bean is in at QB. Bean is intercepted and it is returned to the Husky 36. Personal foul on UCLA but the play stands. Carter for a loss. UCLA has to punt with under 3 minutes left. Roughing the kicker on UW. UCLA keeps the ball. UCLA is going to keep the ball on the ground and run out the clock.

Not a very pretty game. Only two more of these to go this year.