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UCLA Pre Game

UCLA isn't very good we all know that. The Bruins are only a hair better than Washington and WSU. The one thing that gives them a step up from the basement has been the enthusiasm of a new coaching staff. That injection of enthusiasm has been fading lately as the losses have piled up. A visit to half empty Husky Stadium on saturday night may be just what the Bruins need.

November isn't very kind to LA schools who visit Seattle. Husky Stadium will be rainy and around fifty degree's at kickoff. The Bruins are going to come out tomorrow acting like they would rather be some place else. The question is will the Huskies have any extra fire going up against their old coach in the final home game for 19 seniors? Something tells me it won't really matter. Most of these guys are as eager to finish their football careers as UCLA will be to get back on the plane to LA.

On offense I give the edge to the Bruins because I don't think the Huskies will be able to slow down Kahlil Bell. It isn't like Bell is a Heisman candidate but UW hasn't been able to stop a running attack all year. The Bruins do have a terrible offensive line so maybe the Husky D will be able to harass Kevin Craft into making some mistakes. For UW to stay in this game they need a couple of good things to happen early. If that happens maybe they will stick around for 60 minutes.

I give the defensive edge to the Bruins. I think their defensive line will be able to stop the Husky running game and the defensive backs should be able to control Ronnie Fouch who just isn't getting better every week.

I would love to predict a Washington victory and a happy send off for the seniors but it isn't like Tyrone is going to play many of them anyway. I think the first half is going to be close but UCLA pulls away in the second stanza with a steady diet of running the ball to victory.

Nathan Ware's Picks

Oregon 34, Arizona 30
Arizona State 44, Washington State 6
Cal 34, Oregon State 30
USC 33, Stanford 10
Washington, 17, UCLA 16

Johnny B's Picks

Arizona 35, Oregon 28
Arizona State 52, Washington State 0
Cal 27, Oregon State 24
USC 27, Stanford 21
UCLA 31, Washington 13