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If you are a reader of this blog you probably have a good idea of how much I dislike Charlie Weis. It warms my heart that Notre Dame is probably going to show him the door at the end of the season. There are a lot of very nice people in college football and he isn't one of them.

Amid growing fan discontent, Charlie Weis insisted Notre Dame is on the right path and he is the coach to lead the Fighting Irish out of their latest rut. "I'm confident that the program is going to go where we all want it to go. That's as honest as I can be," Weis said Tuesday. "Because I think we have pretty good players. When you have pretty good players, you have a chance to be pretty good."

Utah coach Kyle Wittingham was on KJR-AM today and said he'd take a call from Washington if the school were interested in him. He also mentioned the great tradition of UW. Definitely sounded like a coach who would be interested, but also sounded like a coach open to the opportunity awaiting him right now that he's hot.

That is kind of interesting that he would say that publically during a probably BCS run with Utah. If you want a substantial raise that is one way to get it done. From everything I have ever read I never thought he would leave Utah...that shows how much I know.

Here is an interesting story on snapper Rob Lukevich. Once again it shows you what a total punk Willingham is for never awarding him a single college down for the loyalty he has shown. I remember plenty of walk-on's who played under Don James. Old DJ knew how to treat kids who worked their ass off even though they were not really Pac 10 material.

Don't bother moaning and groaning in his direction about the lack of pride in purple and gold or wonder who in the world would want to play for Tyrone Willingham or the Washington program. For five consecutive years, Lukevich has been a Huskies football player. Five years of practicing and pep-talking and pulling on the pads. Five years without ever playing a down.

Nathan Ware gives us some reasons Washington will or won't beat UCLA.

Yesterday, I gave you some reasons why the Dawgs might win on Saturday against UCLA. Today, let's look at the counter-arguments. Most of you will believe this is a more realistic viewpoint.

DeWayne Walker would love to be the next coach of the Huskies according to Jim Moore. I think the chances of that happening are slim to none.

UCLA defensive coordinator Dewayne Walker would like to be a candidate to replace UW football coach Tyrone Willingham.
When asked after the Bruins' Tuesday afternoon practice if he'd be interested in the Huskies' job, Walker said: "No question. The big question, would they be interested in me?"

Despite the increased proficiency on the football field Stanford is not drawing fans to watch their football games. It also looks like Jim Harbaugh is a good bet to move on after this season according to Bud Withers.

One of the Pac-10 puzzlers of 2008 — other than where all the quarterbacks went, of course — is why Stanford can't draw. Jim Harbaugh has revitalized a program that was 1-11 two seasons ago and turned it into a formidable, physical outfit that apparently can hang with anybody in the league.

AAndy is at it again with another Meanderings over on Dawgman. You have to laugh about this request by the stooges in the UW Athletic Department. Bayou Scott still has some firing to do or maybe the emperor still wears no clothes. I was actually emabarraseed for my guest from around the country who witnessed the terrible turnout.

Does the Husky Athletic Department get it?...During the game...our favorite sideline photog..."Pulitzer" Grinolds was asked by a member of the athletic department staff to not take pictures of the empty seats because..."it will hurt recruiting""...An empty stadium hurts recruiting ...and yet Ty remains looking OH so earnest while mumbling those third person commands...Lets hope someone opens up after the season and has a no holds barred interview as this sad saga comes to a year too late...

By the way a shout out to Meek who advised me to go to "Plouf" in San Francisco last night. The mussels were superb. We are in Napa till Friday.