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When will enough be enough for Willingham?

Keith Gilbertson has to be relieved that he won't go down in history as the worst head coach in Husky history. Willingham has removed all doubt this season with tonight's 56-0 exclamation point delivered by Pete Carroll and USC. This one could have been far worse if Carroll didn't try to show some mercy. USC could have easily run up 80 points this evening if they wanted to.

If I was Ty Willingham I would be rethinking my decision to stay on to coach the Washington Huskies till the end of the year. Tyrone wants to make the impression that he isn't a quitter and that he won't abandon the kids in the program. The problem with that is the kids have quit on him and it is obvious from the way the team is prepared that the coaching staff has quit on the players.

You have to believe that both Woodward and Willingham are reconsidering the decision for him to stay on this evening. With every game Willingham is burying any chance he has of ever coaching a major college football team ever again. Coaching careers don't recover after beatings like this and it is only going to get worse even though the schedule eases up the next four weeks.

For Washington every lopsided loss makes the coaching position a little less attractive. What top tier coach wants to take on a rebuilding project of this magnitude? Scott Woodward needs to bite the bullet and do Ty a favor by asking him to step down. It may not gain the team a victory this season but it will certainly give the players a shot in the arm.

The decision to keep Tyrone till the end of the season was based on keeping kids in class, avoiding chaos, and giving the coach a soft landing. It isn't going to work!  Every day he stays on it destroys his career and hinders Washington in the search for the right coach to turn it all around.

The administration at Washington needs to come to the realization that enough is enough. It is time for Willingham to step down completely in the best interest of himself and the program.