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Huskies battle the Trojans

Bob Sherwin formerly of the Seattle Times who also contributes to the Seattle Examiner will be stepping in for me tonight as a favor. Bob is one of the top sportswriters in the Pacific Northwest and he spends his time freelancing around the country these days after an early retirement from the Times.

Click on the link provided to go to the game thread over at the Seattle Examiner.

I will be watching the game and will comment afterwards but will not have access to a computer or the time to do my usual play by play coverage of the upcoming massacre.

If you guys do go over there leave Bob a note in the comment area letting you know we appreciate him for taking the time to step in to cover for me.

1st Downs 15 25
3rd down efficiency
4-13 2-7
4th down efficiency
2-3 3-3
Total Yards 184 485
Passing 113 188
14-33 16-20
Yards per pass
3.4 9.4
Rushing 71 297
Rushing Attempts
30 46
Yards per rush
2.4 6.5
Penalties 5-43 10-90
Turnovers 3 0
Fumbles lost
0 0
Interceptions thrown
3 0
Possession 29:04 30:56