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Arizona thoughts

This is one of those games that most people give Washington zero chance of winning. Everyone feels that there is simply no way the Huskies can keep up with Arizona's vaunted offense. A sane person would agree but for some reason I have jumped the broom to insanity this week by predicting a Washington victory. Here I am out on a limb with Coach Baer.

  • This is the type of game that Mike Stoops loses.
  • Willingham is 2-1 against Stoops.
  • Washington under Willingham has played its best football when their backs were up against the wall.
  • Washington will be running a power offense today similar to the one they ran against Cal last year. You remember what happened that day don't you?
  • Arizona lost to New Mexico for crying out loud.

I admit there is a big difference between this years and last years Washington team. Last years team was good enough to go to a bowl game but coaching and performance in the fourth quarter didn't allow it to happen. This years team with the exception of BYU hasn't given us that glimmer of hope.

Most of my friends figure that this one will get ugly early and the axe will fall on Sunday night.  I'm not rooting for that per se at this point because I always want the Huskies to win even though I am in favor of a leadership change. I think it would be good for this team no matter who the coach is to win a conference game on the road.

I am going to be gone most of the day but will be back before kickoff. Have a great day watching college football and Go Dawgs!

Backtalk with JohnnyB

Nathan Ware and I get together each week in his Seattle PI Blog to discuss what happened the previous week and what is going to happen this coming week.

We are both are in dig extremely deep mode right now. It is so tough to stay positive about an 0-4 team that is on it's way to potential slaughter in the desert tonight.

John: How does Washington attempt to slow down the Arizona offense?

Nathan: Pray! Pray a lot! Washington's best defense will be their offense. The more UW can keep their offense on the field with long, sustained drives, the better chance they have. And, the way UW football works is right about the time that we think we have them figured out, they'll do something that surprises us. So, maybe, we're in for a shocker this weekend. Who knows?