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Arizona 48 Washington 14

It is windy enough tonight in Arizona to screw around with the deep passing game. It looks like the game is going ot start a few minutes last since it is 4:30 pm and the announcers are still during their preview.

On the first play UW runs Fouch for five on the roll out. I liked the call. Jordan Polk dumped for a big loss on some misdirection. Er straight ahead a them. UW goes three and out.

Poor punt by Ballman that so UA starts at the UW 40. Grigsby picks up big yardage on the first two carries. UA inside the 30. UA inside the 20. UA stalls and they hit for 3.

Arizona 3 UW 0

UW starts at the 20. Griffin pops one for eleven. If Lappano can keep making calls like that we have a chance. Huskies fumble on the next play and UA takes over.

Arizona starts at the 36. UW gets it's first sack of the year and it is Teo Nesheim. UA punts.

UW starts at their own six. UW goes nowhere on two running plays. w goes three an out. Ballman punts from the back of his endzone.

UA starts at the UW 40. Tuitama to Gronkowski 40 yard screen for the TD.

Arizona 10 Washington 0

UW start at the 20. Fouch to Chidiac for a few. Fouch nearly picked. Fouch to Hawkins for a first down. Johnson for five. Fouch incomplete. Fouch to Chidiac for another first down. Johnson running hard for a couple. Bad snap and Fouch falls on it. Fouch has it batted down at the line of scrimmage. UW has to punt.

UA starts at the 27. Grigsby picks up a first down on a reverse. Holding on UA. Tuitama to Gronkowski inside Husky territory. UA at the UW 40. Grigsby for 35 yards breaking multitudes of arm tackles. Grigsby take it in from five out.

Arizona 17 Washington 0

Second Quarter

Fouch hits Kearse for a 63 yarder and UW is inside the Wildcat 20. UW runs a few plays on the ground to pick up a first down. UW running Johnson left and right playing a little power football in the red zone. Fouch to Aguilar at the 2. Homer takes it in for the TD. That was a big TD! Perkins slips and puts it through. Even a blind squirrel finds a nut sometimes.

Arizona 17 Washington 7

UA starts at the 20. Smith for 10. Tuitama to Smith for 20. Smith dives into UW territory. Smith makes another catch. UW calls TO on 3rd and 2. Second sack of the year by Teo Nesheim/ big play for the UW defense. UA punts. Aguilar makes the catch at the five and is snowed under.

UW starts at the five. Fouch to Goodwin incomplete. Next pass is knocked down. Fouch to Logan incomplete. UW goes three and out. Ballman punts from the end zone. UA's Mike thamas returns it 50 yards for a TD.

Arizona 24 Washington 7

UW starts on the 20. UW just burns Terrance Dailey's redshirt ,just another reason why he should be fired. Dailey has a couple of nice carries and UW moves the chains. Fouch is picked off by Devin Ross,

UA starts at the 35. Grigsby takes it down to the 22. Grigsby down to the 10. Tuitama to Gronkowski for the TD.

Arizona 31 Washington 7

UW starts at the 15. Johnson for a couple. Dailey fumbles and UW recovers. Fouch to Aguilar for a first down. Griffin looks good on a toss sweep. Johnson for another first down with 1:31 left. Fouch incomplete. Johnson on a draw for a few. Fouch goes deep with a duck and misses Kearse who was open. UW has to punt.

UA starts at the 20 and takes a knee.

Third Quarter

UA starts out the half with another drive. Tuitama to Turner to the UW 43. Nate Williams is knocked out of the game. Grigsby for 11. UA down inside the UW 10. tuitama to Gronkowski for the TD.

Arizona 38 Washington 7

UW starts at the 40. UW is just trying to run the clock out on offense right now to help keep the score down. UW goes three and out.

UA starts at the 20. Tuitama to Grinkowski for 30. UA is driving deep into UW territory. Mason Foster is having a good game tonight. He is making some big time hits. UA stalls on 3rd and 12. UA hit the FG for 3.

Arizona 41 Washington 7

UW starts 23. Fouch is sacked on first down. Fouch to Hawkins for 7. UW is stopped short on third down. UW is three and out once again.

UA starts at the 29. Matt Scott comes in for Tuitama. Smith for 7. Matt Scott on a keeper for 36 yards. Penalty on UW tagged onto it. Smith to the 3. Smith to the goal line. smith for the TD.

Arizona 48 Washington 7

UW starts off at the 20. Fouch to Chidiak for 10. Dailey for ten on a really nice effort.

Fourth Quarter

Fouch almost hits Kearse again. Dailey stopped after doing his best Louis Rankin imitation on 3rd and short. UW punts on a 4th and 2.

Arizona starts at the 1 with 13:57 left. Will Stoops show Ty some mercy? Arizona pushes out to the 3 and faces a 3rd and 7. Scott takes it wide on misdirection and picks up the first down. Scott is very Locker like. UA is keeping it on the ground and showing mercy. teo Nesheim picks up his third sack of the night. UA punts.

UW starts at the UA 44 as Aguilar makes the fair catch. Fouch to Aguilar for 10. Fouch bounces one. Fouch has the next one blocked. Aguilar picks up the first down on a pss from Fouch. Fouch incomplete with a wounded duck to the end zone. Fouch to Hawkins over the middle for a few. Fouch hits Mike Gottleib for a 22 yard TD. You can't control Gottleib, you can only hope to contain him.

Arizona 48 Washington 14

UA starts at the 20. UA picks up 10 with their fourth string TB. 7:35 left. Scott picks up 5. Scott twists an ankle. Beirne comes in for UA. UA picks up a fist down on the ground around midfield. UA picks up another 7. The QB picks up another first down on the ground. Kelani Aldrich is panclaked by the Wildcat third string QB. UA picks up another first down on the gorund after a 15 yard run. UA picks up another 6 is in the red zone again. UA drives it for another first down at the 12. 1:17 left.

UA takes the knee and shows Tyrone mercy.