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Backtalk with Johnny B and Nathan Ware

Nathan and I are at it again in his Seattle PI Dawg Blawg. the fast breaking news this morning regarding Jim Mora had us on our toes but we were able to get everything updated and on line this afternoon.

Nathan: How hard would it be for a coach like Kelly, Patterson, or Graham – who don't have West Coast recruiting ties – to get up to speed in the recruiting game?

John: Obviously, hiring someone from the West coast who already has a network in place would be more ideal. It all depends on who they hire as assistant coaches. Don James was from Ohio and it didn't seem to slow him down. DJ had a top notch first class headlined by Michael Jackson from Pasco. They could retain someone like Chris Tormey who is the current recruiting coordinator to help with the transition. Remember, all the current assistant coaches are under contract until at least June 1st of next year.