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More Mora

I am sure a lot of you are disapointed that Jim Mora has reportedly taken himself out of contention to be the next football coach at Washington. I think Jim would have been a great fit because he would have united the Husky Nation during this difficult time.

A poster named Djohnson (not my friend Derek Johnson) insists that is isn't over. Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor?  I think in the next couple of hours Mora will release a written statement and that will be that.

While I wanted Mora to be the guy it really doesn't bumm me out too much that he has decided to stick with the Seahawks. Washington is going to a hire a great coach no matter what happens. There are plenty of great candidates out there and as I pointed out earlier this week historically the Huskies seldom have ended up with their first choice anyway.

I was talking with Nathan Ware this morning and we both think Washington will end up with a great coach. There are just way too many qualified candidates out there for them to screw the pooch on this one.