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Mora ends the speculation?

No sooner than I wrote my article this morning Jim Moore of the Seattle PI is reporting he received a text message last night from Jim Mora saying he is not a candidate for the UW job.

Many Husky fans want him as their next football coach. One, Craig Robinson, has even started a Web site called

But Jim Mora already has signed a contract and agreed to be the next Seahawks coach. And Thursday night he finally ended the UW speculation.

"I am not a candidate for that job," Mora said in a text message.

This is what the Seahawks have maintained all along, but Mora finally confirmed it after sidestepping the issue Thursday afternoon.

I think a text message is a strange way to end it all but I know Jim fairly well and he is a good guy with the exception of being a Coug. If he says he received a text message I believe him.