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Mora doesn't say no!

The media finally was able to gain access to Jim Mora yesterday and the future Seahawks coach refused to talk about the possibility of becoming the next head coach at Washington.

"I'm interested in preparing for the Philadelphia Eagles, that's what I'm interested in," Mora said. "You can ask me, and that's my answer -- I'm preparing for the Philadelphia Eagles."

"You can talk to my agent."

I find it odd that Mora and the Seahawks simply didn't just end the whole discussion by saying he isn't interested in the position. By not saying anything it adds more fuel to the fire of speculation that he is indeed interested in returning to his old school.

Obviously either the Seahawks and Mora are incredibly arrogant or there is something going on behind the scenes. I bet on the latter and think that UW has indeed been in contact with his agent and an out clause truly does exist. If it didn't there would be nothing to discuss and Mora would have issued a statement yesterday and the search would have moved on to other candidates.

Whatever the result is the ending will be soon. You can count on either Mora taking the job sometime next week and hitting the road to recruit or for him ti issue a statement that he is not interested in the position.


Fellow Examiner Bob Sherwin ran this story earlier today on the upcoming humiliation that will take place in the Los Angeles Coliseum on Saturday.

 If anyone cares to measure how far the University of Washington football program has declined under head coach Tyrone Willingham, it can be summed up in one number - 43.

Things have actually gotten so bad that I am going to go to a couples shower with my wife rather than watch the game live. For the record I hate couples showers and whenever anyone I know gets married I always say whatever you do don't have a couples shower. The about to be victim always says no way will I have a couples shower. He is then invariably forced into it by his bride to be and it is always on a Saturday night during college football season.

I did buy a little gadget last year to use in these extremely stressful situations. I am hooked up to Slingbox and have a Palm Treo 750 phone. If I am forced to miss a game I just bring the phone and watch it live. What this means is I can watch a game anywhere in the world as long as my phone has a signal.

This game will probably be over in the first quarter but being like a moth attracted to flame is how I would describe my life long affection toward Husky football.

I just can't miss a good train wreck!