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Hire Jim Mora

One of the more interesting side notes in the Husky coaching search has been on speculation centered around Seahawks assistant coach Jim Mora Jr.. We all of course remember the famous words he uttered on the Softy show while screwing around with one of his best friends Hugh Millen. It is no secret that Jim would like to coach the Huskies some day. The question Husky fans are asking themselves is if that time is going to be next week?

Some fans are taking the matter in to their own hands as my friend Nathan Ware comments in the Dawg Blawg this morning.

While Mora has been talked about often over the last year, Tyrone Willingham's termination on Monday has put the fans in a position where it's time to act. And, one fan - Craig Robinson - has done just that. First, Robinson has setup a website – Additionally, he has started an email campaign designed to let Mora know how much UW fans want him to take over the football program.

Robinson has created an email address – What you need to do is send an email to that address that implores Mora to take the job. Robinson is going to print each email, put them in a binder, and deliver the binder to Mora.

If you are Jim Mora this has to be a distraction because he has a job and that is currently coaching the Seahawks backfield. He also has an understanding if not a letter of intent, or contract that he will be the next head coach after Mike Holmgren retires this January.

Many are speculating or are outright saying that he has an out clause in that contract if he wants to leave to coach the Huskies. I don't know if it is true or not but some people I respect insist that is indeed the case.

All the writers at the local papers are dismissing the rumor of Mora coming back home to Washington as simply wishful thinking. All of them feel that the Hawks have Jim locked up for the next five years. What all this speculation is doing of course is forcing either the Seahawks or Jim Mora to make a public statement on the matter next week.

There are probably only a few people who know exactly what Mora has on his mind right now and that would be his wife, his agent, and perhaps his best friend Hugh Millen. Know this one thing. Mora will consider this carefully because this may be the only chance he has left to be the Husky head coach.

I think Mora would be an excellent choice for a lot of reasons. The most important is he may be the only guy out there that can kick start this program immediately by uniting the Husky nation behind him.

Just the other day people were going nuts over on Dawgman kicking the possible consideration of Fresno State coach Pat Hill to the curb. It just shows what the ignorant masses are capable of once they pick up their torches and pitchforks.

First of all I think Hill would be an excellent choice. He might be even better than Mora since he has actually recruited players before and rebuilt a program on a very limited budget. Hill may not be at the top of the list but if UW does end up with him they certainly won't be settling.

There are plenty of good choices out there like Hill if UW doesn't get Jim Mora. Husky fans need to relax and enjoy the process.