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Washington embarrased by Notre Dame

We have around twenty minutes to go until kickoff and I am feeling pretty good about this one for some reason. For some reason I tend to think that the Irish are walking into an ambush. If Washington is going to do anything this year today is the day for it to happen. How can you not be pumped up to play Notre Dame?

I am listening to the pre-game and Bob Rondeau just said that Senio Kelemente was carted off the field during pre game warmups? How exactly does that happen? Well when I was a sophomore in HS the coach had us doing goose steps in drills to warm up and I hit a divot at old Broadway field and tore up my happens.

In retrospect goose steps are probably the stupidest football drill on the planet. Why have guys lock up their knee's? Thirty years later my HS coach is still out there coaching so I won't mention any names....and I love the guy anyway. We are talking about the good old days when they didn't allow water on the field either.

First Quarter

UW starts at the 32. Fouch throws incomplete. Fouch for a couple on a keeper. ND is using a zone blitz. Fouch incomplete and UW is three and out to start the game. Not exactly great play calling putting it all on a young QB's back to start the game. Not a good start, Not a good start at all.

ND starts at the 37. On the first play Allen picks up 10 on the ground. ND is spreading UW out to start the game. Allen for 2. UW is getting beat on the line of scrimmage early. Screen for a TD amidst lots of broken tackles for a 51 yard TD.

Did I say UW would be fired up?

Forgive me father for I have sinned!

Washington has come out totally flat.

Notre Dame 7 Washington 0

UW starts out at the 18. Dailey for seven. Why didn't they do that the first series? Well maybe that is why they are about to be fired. Fouch sacked on the next play. Let me give you a hint, you can run all day on the Irish if you commit to the run early. Goodwin makes a catch short of the first down and UW is three and out. Lappano is clueless. Doesn't Typanno watch film?

Notre Dame starts at the 30. Allen for 7. Holding on Notre Dame! Huskies running a 30 package. Clausen for a long one to the Husky 37. This is ugly early. Clausen throws it away under pressure. ntercepted by williams and a nice return to the 43. flag is down on the field. Pass interference on UW. Terrible call IMHO. Allen stopped at the 23. Allen for 3. Reverse for the TD from 21 yards out on a 3rd and long.

Notre Dame 14 Washington 0

Eight minutes to go in the first quarter and the rout starts early. UW starts on the 21. Flag down...holding on UW. UW starts at the 11. Dailey for 2. Goodwin on a reverse for 8. The crowd is out of the game. Fouch dives for the first down. Ty likes that! Fouch incomplete and some contact but no flag. Dailey for 4. Fouch runs for 7 and a first down. Crowd wakes up a bit. Gottleib drops one he should have caught, what a goober. Dailey for zero. Fouch sacked at the 21. This getting real ugly. UW is making Notre Dame look better than Oklahoma.

Poor punt and Oklahoma takes over at the UW 49. Pass batted down by McDowell who should have taken it to the house on an interception. That was one of the better defensive plays of the year. Hughes for 11. Hughes for minus one and it is 4th and short. Nice play by Foster. NC calls a time out to talk it over. Will they go for it? what do they really have to lose? UW calls a timeout after that. What a chess game we have going on here! Aldrich picks up a couple for the first down. Clausen incomplete in the end zone. Clausen almost sacked but he makes a major league play and gets it away for a completion for 6. Hughes picks up 6 on third and five. Just ugly, ugly! Hughes for 2.

Second Quarter

Notre Dame driving on the Husky 22. UW comes up with a sack on a HB pass. Big play for Chris Stevens. Clausen incomplete in the endzone. Nice job of defending by Mosley. Notre Dame going for it on 4th and 19. UW intercepts on a bobble at the 2 yard line when they could have taken over on downs at the 39. UW is not getting any luck in this one.

UW starts on the 1/2 yardline. Homer for a couple. Dailey for a very tough 4. Aguilar drops a sure first down pass. Huskies third drop of the game. Flag down on the punt and ND returns to UW 30. False start on UW. five yards is tacked on.

Notre Dame at the 25 of UW. Clausen complete to Floyd for 12. Allen for 4. Clausen incomplete. Clausen incomplete into the end zone. 4th and 7 for Notre Dame. ND attempts a 28 yard FG and it is good.

Notre Dame 17 Washington 0

UW starts on the 23. Dailey for 2. I would like to see a little Freeman about now. Fouch incomplete into double coverage. Fouch just locked on to Kearse. Fouch badly incomplete on 3rd and 8 as ND is starting to Tee off on him.

Notre Dame starts at their own 40. Another terrible punt. Allen for 6. Allen for 2. Aldrich for 4 and a first down. Aldrich for 15. Aldrich for 4. Clausen to Tate for a first down at the 21. Aldrich for 1 and holding on the Irish. Clausen incomplete. Screen to Aldrich for 1. Clausen incomplete in the endzone. Another nice play for Matt Mosley. ND goes for it on 4th and 19 obviously showing respect for the UW defense but the toss is incomplete.

UW takes over on downs at the 30. Freeman for 8. Freeman for 3. Crowd gets back into it. Freeman for about 2. Freeman for another 2. UW needs a big play. Garcia down on the field. Fouch incomplete and UW three and out again. Fouch was smashed on that one and didn't have a chance.

Notre Dame starts out the 22 after a good punt. Clausen to Paris for 10. Clausen throws it away under pressure. Clausen to Floyd for a first down at the 46. Clausen to Parris for 2. Clausen incomplete. Clausen sacked by Stevens on a big play. 4th and long and ND is going to punt. Washington doesn't call time out and the fans boo as the time runs down. Willingham wasn't even aware of the clock. He just wants to crawl under a rock. The fans boo the Huskies as they head to the dressing room.

If you are Charlie Weis you are loving this but you should be up 38-0. Clausen isn't very sharp tonight and the Husky D has tightened a bit against the run. Not a bad effort by the Husky D in the second quarter.

UW only has 38 total yards of total offense in the first half! Fouch simply hasn't had much time and when he has made a good pass his receiver has dropped the ball.

Where exactly is Kavario Middleton?

Where is Cody Bruns?

Third Quarter

Notre Dame takes over on the 39 after the kickoff. Clausen complete for 10. Notre Dame is coming out throwing. Forrester flagged for PI on a complete pass deep into UW territory. ND at the UW 16. Clausen to the 11 on another completion. Clausen to Tate inside the five working against Forrester. Aldrich takes it in from 5 for the TD.

Notre Dame 24 Washington 0

UW starts at the 24. Huskies flagged for 12 players on the field before the first snap of this possesion. Fouch to Goodwin for 3. Goodwin on the reverse for 12. Fouch to Goodwin for a first down to the 34. Freeman for a few. Freeman is down on the field with an ankle injury. The stadium is emptying out early. Fouch is wickedly sacked for a huge loss. Another dropped pass and UW has to punt.

Notre Dame takes over at the 40. Clausen sacked back at the 36. That was Everette Thompson with his first sack. Thompson pressures Clausen again and holding on Notre Dame. Timeout on the field. Clausen completes one for 4. 3rd and 14. Clausen sacked at the 36 by Mason Foster. Notre Dame fakes the punt and picks up 35 yards and the first down. Aldrich takes it down to the 10 yard line. Aldrich for 1. Aldrich for 4. 3rd and goal for Notre Dame. Clausen sacked back at the 36 yard line by Donald Butler. ND attempts the FG and it is good.

Notre Dame 27 Washington 0

UW takes over at the 20. Fouch to Goodwin for 3. Dailey for nada. Aguilar drops another one which would have been good for a first down. UW is three and out again as the stadium empties on national TV. Flag is down offsides on ND. Husky fans urging them to go for it. Husky fans booing the team.

Notre Dame takes over on their 30 as the boos rain down the field. Willingham said before tha game that this was the most acidic situation he has ever been in. NC picks up a couple on the ground. Allen picks up 7 for the first down. The defense has to be dog tired. Allen for 3. Looks like Weis is showing some mercy. Allen for 12 and a first down. Tripper Johnson is down on the field. Allen for no gain.

Fourth Quarter

Allen for no gain again. 3rd and long for ND. Personal foul on Vonzell McDowell. First down. Aldrich down to the UW 14. Aldich for no gain. Mosley is having a great game. Aldrich to the Husky 3. Dan Davie said Weis was out recruiting Jake Heaps last night. Aldrich for the TD. ND misses the PAT.

Notre Dame 33 Washington 0

UW takes over in the 27. Husky Stadium is almost empty. Fouch sacked again for a loss of 10. Dailey fights hard for 5. Fouch to Dailey for 7. UW punts again.

ND takes over at the 40. ND picks up 11 on the grund for a first down to midfield. Gray for a couple. ND is subbing liberally here. Sharpley in at QB and fumbles on the exchange. Gray for 12 yards with 8:30 left in this one. Gray for a couple. Tripper Johnson down on the field again. Gray loses a couple. Incomplete pass. Complete pass for 6. Fouch to Bruns across midfield. Fouch incomplete out of bounds. UW calls a timeout. Fouch to Goodwin for another first down. Pass batted down. Fouch is 7 for 19 for 64 yards tonight. Incomplete pass. 3rd and 10 for UW. Fouch to Hawkins for a first down. Fouch To Goodwin for another first down. Fouch to Homer to the Irish 5. 3rd and 1. Fouch to Goodwin for the TD and a moral victory.

Notre Dame 33 Washington 7

Notre Dame bobbles the kick and start at the 4. Gray for 3. Gray for one or two. Gray for the first down but ND flagged for holding. Gray for 15 as te clock runs down on this one.

Perhaps the ugliest offensive performace since the late 1960's by any Washington team.

Team Stat Comparison
1st Downs 25 9
3rd down efficiency
6-14 5-14
4th down efficiency
2-6 0-0
Total Yards 454 124
Passing 207 98
15-28 11-25
Yards per pass
7.4 3.9
Rushing 247 26
Rushing Attempts
49 23
Yards per rush
5.0 1.1
Penalties 6-50 5-50
Turnovers 1 0
Fumbles lost
0 0
Interceptions thrown
1 0
Possession 37:10 22:30