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Years in advance?

This is from Bob Condotta's Seattle Times blog and the weekly coaches show.

Willingham was asked about the budding controversy over the fact that the 1978 Rose Bowl team did not speak to his players prior to Saturday's game. Willingham had been asked about it after the game Saturday and said there wasn't enough time to make it work. He said the same again tonight though with a little more detail. First, Willingham said organizing such events are "something that you talk about years in advance ... that one just didn't quite get all the places that it needed to.'' Pressed on that, Willingham said that "I felt like there was not enough time to get properly involved,'' saying that more time would have been needed for the players from the 78 team to get their schedules altered to be able to speak to the team. Asked how much time would be needed, he said "if you knew about that three months, four months in advance, you could have guys plan their schedules.''

So Ty needed a couple of years notice to let his players mingle with the 1978 Rose Bowl team and Don James?

What a complete bunch of BS! 

Who does he think he is fooling, or does he just not care?

Ty needs to go aftter the Notre Dame game!

Asked to name the biggest on-field accomplishments of his career, he cited the win at WSU in 2006 and the win over Boise State last year, admitting that there haven't been enough of them.

Beating WSU and Boise State are your biggest accomplishments over four years?

Asked a question that included the statement that he has set the program back five years, Willingham defended his program by saying that he thinks the current team still has a chance to turn things around.

Did Hugh Millen ask that question?