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State of the team

Let's take a look at the state of the team going intot he Arizona game. The number represents the total number of injured at each position. Once again safety seems to be the scariest even though Victor Aiyewa is making progress again.

Quarterback (1)

Jake Locker is out 6-8 weeks which pretty much means he is probably won't be able to QB till the ASU game. Ronnie Fouch takes over and Washington can't afford to get him hurt because there is nothing but disaster behind him.

I like Fouch and don't think there will be much of a drop in production if the running game can get going.

Tailback (3)

Chris Polk is out for the year. David Freeman, and Brandon Yakaboski are out for Arizona. That leaves Brandon Johnson who has had nagging injuroes this season and Willie Griffin to shoulder the load.

I think Terrance Dailey is a kid a kid that Lappno would like to play right now. UW has resisted the urge to do that so far. Freeman should be fine after the bye week.


Paul Homer and Luke Kravitz are two very good FB's who are going to see a lot more carries than expected the rest of the season. I wouldn't be surprised to see Kravitz getting some time at TB. The move to more of a power running game benefits these guys and I think you will be surprised by the results.

Wide Receiver (3)

Curtis Shaw is out till spring. D'Andre Goodwin is very doubtful with bruised ribs. Chancellor Young is out till Oregon State. The Huskies are getting Boyles and Bruns ready to play this week if needed.

Tight End

Kavario Middleton shines receiving the first two games and Mike Gottleib comes back and we haven't heard from Kavario since. To be fair he has been banged up but this is the week to start using him as a weapon again. When are we going to see the return of Izbicki? With only two TE's returning next season he needs some playing time.

Offensive Line

The good news is no injuries. The bad news has been lack of performance. I think the return to a power runnning game will open up more holes for the running backs.

Defensive Line

No injuries but the lack of strength and experience still plagues a unit that hasn't had one sack this year. You would think they would get better as the season goes on but they are going up against fourth and fifth year players every week.

Linebacker (2)

Donald Butler was knocked out of last weeks game with a concussion. He was having a great game last week before the accident. Butler is questionable for Saturday. UW still hasn't found the right guy to replace EJ Savannah. Mason Foster is an animal.

Cornerback (1)

Davenport who was the best cover man is out for the season. Richardson and Forrester are healthy backed up by McDowell and Mosley.

Safety (4)

Jason Wells is out for the season. Darin Harris is still out with a concussion. Johri Fogerson is doubtful for Saturday after sitting the week out. Victor Aiyewa has returned to practice but it is unknown how much of if he will play on Saturday.

That would leave Tripper Johnson, Nate Williams, Victor Aiyewa, and Marquis Persley who has moved over from corner to work with this weekend.