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UW OSU Gamethread

USC didn't have a problem with WSU today. The Trojans are cruised to a 69-0 victory in Pullman

UCLA came back to beat Stanford 23-20.

Oregon State at Washington is up next followed by California at Arizona in the conference nightcap.

First Quarter

UW starts on the 30 after the return by Jordan Polk. Huskies start off with a delay of game penalty...brilliant! Fouch to Terrance Dailey for a loss of a couple. Toss sweep to Dailey for a couple. Fouch to Goodwin for a long one but this one is going to be called back because of holding. Screen to Hawkins for nothing. UW is three and out to start the game. JWF was beaten badly on that play.

Oregon State starts at the 49 after a mediocre punt. Moevao passes for a first down inside the Husky 40. Screen is incomplete. Beavers flagged for a false start. Moevao to Morales. OSU flagged again. Drive stalls at the Husky 38.

UW takes over at the 6 yard line after the OSU punt. Dailey powers for eight yards. Fouch to Goodwin for the first down. Dailey for 3-4. Fouch to Goodwin for a 48 yard reception. Huskies are threatening at the OSU 30. Dailey for four. Play action fake to Polk for four. Fouch is sacked at the 30 by Norris. Ballman hits a 45 yard FG.

UW 3 Oregon State 0

OSU starts at the 34. Rodgers for zero. Rodgers for 4 on a sideline pattern. OSU goes for it on 4th and two and picks up the first down on the ground. James Rodgers takes a fly sweep to the house for a 52 yard TD.

Oregon State 7 UW 3

UW starts at the 33. Dailey for a little. UW called for holding. Fouch to Goodwin again for a long one but it is caught out of bounds. Late hit on the QB but it is not called. The Huskies call for the review and it looks like he has his feet in on the replay. Pass is called incomplete. Bad call. 3rd and 20 for UW. Fouch is intercepted at the 46.

Moevao to Morales for 21. Quiz Rodgers for 2.

Second Quarter

OSU starts the second quarter on the Husky 21. James Rodgers for a couple. Incomplete to James Rodgers. OSU hits a 37 yard FG.

Oregon State 10 UW 3

UW starts at the 35. Fouch completes a pass for a 5. Dailey for 3 on a strong carry. i like the way this kid looks. Dailey for two and a little short for the first down. UW goes for it on fourth down. Fouch picks it up on the sneak. Fouch under pressure tries to hit Dailey deep on the sidelines. Alfalava just takes his head off. Dailey seems to be ok. Screen to Goodwin for four. Fouch fumbles the ball forward as he is sacked and OSU recovers at midfield. Garcia is shaken up on the play.

OSU takes over at the 49. Rodgers held to no gain by Mason Foster. Quiz Rodgers for 4. 3rd and long for the Beavers. Morales makes a tremendous leaping catch for the first down inside Husky territory. UW had good pressure on the QB that time. Rodgers loses a couple on the counter. James Rodgers takes it for the TD from 32 yards out.

Oregon State 17 Washington 3

UW starts at the 18. Brandon Johnson loses a couple. Fouch completes one for five. Fouch to Goodwin for the first down at the 47. Great touch on that pass. Johnson loses a couple. Fouch to Chidiac. Flag is down on the field. 3rd and long for UW. Fouch to Aguilar for the first down in Beaver territory. Nice slant route by Aguilar. Fouch incomplete to Middleton who was in motion. Fouch incomplete but there is a flag on the Beavers for pass interference. UW has a first down at the OSU 21. Dailey for nothing on a toss sweep. Dailey for zero. 3rd and long for UW and the Huskies call a time out. No rhyme or reason for Lappano's play calling. Fouch throws incomplete under pressure. Ballman shanks the short FG. No points and no respect for Washington.

Oregon State takes over on 20 with 3:28 left. Beavers move quickly for a forst down at the 31. Quizz Rodgers for 11. Moevao incomplete to Stroughter. Moevao killed on the screen and Rodgers picks up a couple. Nice defensive play by UW. OSU calls timeout. OSU is forced to punt. Aguilar is interfered with on the punt return.

UW starts at the 25. Fouch to Aguilar for five. Fouch to Goodwin behind the OSU defense for a gain to the OSU 21. Illegal procedure by UW on the next play. 52 seconds left. Fouch incomplete to Gottleib. Fouch incomplete as he is sacked. Fouch is buried again. Ballman drills the 44 yard FG.

Oregon State 17 UW 6

OSU takes over at the 20 with 25 ticks left in the half and takes the knee.

Third Quarter

OSU starts at the 35. OSU flagged for holding. Moevao Quiz Rodgers for 10 with a nice run after catch. Moevao to Stroughter for the first down. Mason Foster gets shaken up. Moevao throws a hitch to Stroughter for five. McCants up the first down on the ground. McCants for nine. McCants inside the twenty for five. McCants for a couple. McCants to inside the ten. Personal foul on UW. Quiz Rodgers takes it in for the TD.

Oregon State 24 UW 6

UW starts at the 35. UW puts together a little drive going past midfield into Beaver territory. Dailey has been slicing it up for some good yards on this drive. He was knocked out of the game by a viscous hit in the first half. Fouch hits Gottleib down to the OSU 19. Dailey for two. UW runs an odd five receiver formation but only nets a couple on the pass. Fouch incomplete to Aguilar. Perkins misses the 36 yard FG.

OSU starts at the 20. UW goes three and out and has to punt. Aguilar makes a nice return to midfield. Fouch hits Polk with a long one inside the OSU 24. The officials are going to review it. The play is allowed. Dailey takes it inside the 20. Dailey for around 4 but a flag is down. Holding on UW. Fouch incomplete on the play action. Fouch incomplete again but a flag is down. It is on UW, Huskies go for it on 4th down. Fouch is intercepted in the end zone. Fouch is getting a lot of pressure.

OSU takes over on the 20. Quizz Rodgers almost breaks one for a TD but ends up with 16 yards on a nice one on one open field tackle.

Fourth Quarter

Offsetting penalties to start the fourth quarter. Quizz Rodgers for 3. rodgers for a couple more. OSU is trying to take time off the clock. James Rodgers takes a toss sweep to the house on a 55 yard run.

Oregon State 31 Washington 6

UW starts at the 27. Fouch incomplete to Goodwin. Fouch to Goodwin for the first down over the middle. Terrance Dailey tears off a 59 yard run for a touchdown.

Oregon State 31 Washington 13

OSU takes over on the 32. Foster catches Rodgers behind the line of scrimmage. Moevao hits Morales over midfield for 22. Qiz takes it for ten afte ralmost breaking a big one. Quizz for nothing. Quizz Rodgers for 10 on a sideline pass. OSU picks it on 3rd and short. Quizz runs it down to the 5. Quizz to the 2. Vonzell McDowell is down. OSU hits a FG.

Oregon State 34 Washington 13

Fouch tries to hit Goodwin deep again and OSU is called for pass interference. Dailey for 7. Fouch to Aguilar over the middle for a nice finger tip catch. Fouch passes incomplete. Fouch incomplete again to Homer. Fouch hits Aguilar at the one yard line. You have to like the way the receivers are going after the ball. Fouch pummeled at the goal line on play action. Huskies go for it on 4th and goal. Beavers hold at the goal line. That was pretty pathetic. McCants stopped for what appears a safety but OSU keeps possesion. Moevao throws incomplete with 1:31 left. Rodgers for a couple. UW calls timeout. Aguilar with another nice punt return to the OSU 41.

Fouch intercepted in the endzone with Brandon Hughes and that should do it for this one. OSU goes into a victory formation.