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Week Seven Picks

Each week Nathan Ware from the Seattle PI's Dawg Blawg and I make our Pac Ten picks. This week Nathan is spicing things up by giving a T-shirt to the winner who does the best job picking on his blog.

The winner will get a t-shirt from the website (or the website of your team if you're a fan of another team). You'll be able to choose the one you want. You must be a registered user with the P-I to submit picks in the contest. If you aren't a registered P-I user, it takes about 60 seconds to sign up. If you want to make picks and remain an unregistered user, no problem, you just won't be eligible to receive the t-shirt. The only reason that I'm requiring people to sign up is that I can't validate the identity of the person making the picks if you aren't registered. Like I said, it takes 60 seconds to sign up………Good luck, everybody!

Nathan Ware's Picks

Stanford 24, UCLA 23
California 30, Arizona 27
USC 70, WSU 9
Oregon State 42, UW 17

Johnny B's Picks

Stanford 38, UCLA 17
California 42, Arizona 27
USC 52, WSU 3
Oregon State 38, UW 17