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Can Washington beat Oregon State?

It all starts with attitude.

If the kids go through the emotions again this week it could get pretty ugly.

Can Washington snap out of the malaise created by losing it's best player?

I think it was pretty obvious that the team wasn't playing at full steam for sixty minutes against Arizona. Obviously they need to correct that if they want to have a chance against Oregon State.

I think Willingham is doing as good a job as possible right now when it comes to keeping this team together. He isn't folding things up early like Gilbertson did in his final year. For example he sent the assistants out recruiting last weekend even though everyone knows it is doubtful he will be returning.

By continuing to do things like that Willingham is signalling to his team, fan base, and superiors that he hasn't given up. Most importantly he is giving a solid sign to his next employer that he isn't a quitter.

On the field Washington has to get some early success rolling to have a chance against OSU. That success starts with establishing the running game for the first time this season. For Washington to beat Oregon State they need to control the ball and gain some yards on the ground.

Early fumbles have been a problem this season and UW needs to eliminate the mistakes to have a chance. If UW can have some early success on offense and get the crowd behind them thay have a slight chance at upsetting the Beavers.

Defensively the Huskies are healthier this week. The bye week really helped Fogerson, Williams, and Johnson. Darin Harris is still out with a concussion. If Harris was back I would feel better, but having the kids healthier at Safety is going to help.

UW finally got into the sack mode against Arizona even though all three sacks were by Teo Nesheim. UW needs to get pressure on Moevao to win this game. OSU's offense is potent but they can self destruct when they turn the ball over.

Lets face it, the Husky defense probably isn't going  to stop anyone this year. If we are going to beat anyone the rest of the way we need to eliminate mistakes, out score the opposition in track meet fashion, and force our opponents into making multiple mistakes.

My gut feeling going into this one is not good. I think the Beavers can score 50-60 points on Washington this weekend. I saw what they did against WSU and have little doubt that they have the potential to do the same thing this week to UW if we turn over the ball.

The story on Saturday will be the attitude of the Washington team. Can they at least be competitive or will they lay down at home and seal the deal for their head coach?