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Puppy Chow

Ty Willingham met the press today and there was more bad news on the injury front. OG Casey Bulyca may be done for the season. He has been struggling with a knee injury and has elected to go the surgery route. It isn't major surgery so he has an outside chance to return before the end of the season. OG Ryan Tolar will be stepping in to fill his slot.

RB Brandon Yakaboski is also having knee surgery and will miss the rest of the season. RB David Freeman is questionable this weekend with the dreaded high ankle sprain. Those injuries can take a long time to heal. S Darin Harris is stil out with his concussion.

D'Andre Goodwin used the bye week to get some recovery time and should see significant time against Oregon. RB Brandon Johnson will also be back but Terrance Dailey and Willie Griffin have been getting the majority of the reps.

Ty Speak of the Week

"I believe we will be eager to get started and believe it was a good week of work (during the bye).''

Tommy Bowden

Clemson fired Tommy Bowden after a 3-3 start. Top rated Texas DC Will Muschamp is believed to be one of the leaders for the postion. Look for the first firing of the season to start a carousel of coaching changes in the BCS this year.

Jim Moore calls out Paul Wulff.

I understand the need for patience and that most of the Cougs' problems stem from having players who aren't very good. But when you rack up 170 yards in penalties, it also indicates that these players are being poorly coached.

Washington has been the least penalized team in the conference during Willingham's tenure which tells you that maybe the amount of penalties doesn't really reflect the quality of the coaching.

The Couch Slouch talks about the wisdom that age brings in relation to Joe Paterno and Bobby Bowden.

With advancing age, though, comes unmatched wisdom.

For example, my father is 82. When CVS is selling, say, Arrid Extra Dry antiperspirant at $1.19 -- limit two per customer -- he knows to go there early. He buys two, takes them out to the car, then comes back in and buys two more, then takes them out to the car, then comes in again to buy another two.

Why would I ever fire this man as my dad? He is smart, in shape and way ahead of the game -- like Joe Paterno and Bobby Bowden.