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Husky Hangouts

I have been going to Husky games since the early 1960's and bars, and restaurants have always been big supporters of Husky athletics. We all love to tailgate but sometimes the party isn't over after the tailgate.


The bar or restaurant you go to pre or post function has a lot to do with where you park, and which direction you are coming or going to before or after the game. They have to get creative to let 70,000 people in or out of the area.

Here is a list of great places to hang out with other Husky fans before or after the game.

Heading directly North from the stadium?

I don't think you can go wrong starting off at the Duchess, catching a bite at the Wedgewood Broiler, and finishing up at the Fiddler's Inn.

The Ram Restaurant and Bighorn Brewery

The Ram is the Northwest version of a Chili's, or a TGIF with a micro brewery built inside. The University Village location makes it a logical departure and return point for Husky fans headed North. It's proximity to Husky Stadium and UW booster ownership make it one of the headquarters on game days. I like the specialty beers and burgers. 4730 University Village Place N.E

The Duchess Tavern

The Duchess is a classic tavern with good food that has been teaching students how to drink properly for decades. If you are headed North and into Ravenna, Laurelhurst, and Sand Point after the game the old Duchess needs to be one of your hang outs. There are people in the Northwest who feel the Duchess is the ultimate example of what a tavern should be. 2827 NE 55th St

The Wedgewood Broiler

You walk in the in the door and this place takes you back to a different time.The bar is thankfully smoke-free now but I remember the good old days of choking on the clouds of smoke. Dark wood walls, tall booths with coffee cups already on the table and food being kept warm under orange, glowing lights. It reminds me of Vegas. It could be noon, it could be 3 am. The food is great here and if you are headed directly North this is a great place to stop. It is a true original. 8230 35th Ave NE

Fiddlers Inn

Tap for tap, the Fiddler Inn has the best beer selection in Seattle. This place used to be the best neighborhood dive bar in North Seattle when it was a smelly and rotting log cabin. Now that the old log cabin has been refurbished it is simply the best neighborhood bar in the area. They have good food and an interesting over 40's crowd that has been hanging here for decades. 9219 35th Ave NE

Heading West after the game?

I always had a huge fascination with the Northlake Tavern before I was 21 and then started going there after games for a number of years. These days I prefer something a little less crowded or at least more interesting when headed in this direction like the Pacific Inn.

The Northlake Tavern

The pizza isn't going to win any national awards except in overall girth but it is a Seattle tradition that goes back a long time. This is a perfect place to have dinner and pitchers of beer if you have a big appetite and are driving along the north side of the Lake Union on your way home. 660 N.E. Northlake Way

The Pacific Inn Pub

The Pacific Inn is located between Wallingtord and Fremon on Stone Way.  Some of the best Fish and chips in Seattle and plenty of local beers on tap. check out the great patio, 3501 Stone Way N

Red Door Ale House

If you are coming from Ballard, Fremont, Queen Anne, Magnolia or anywhere from the West this is a great place to stop at on the way home. The burgers are awesome, and they have good beer. The patio is amazing and great for people watching after the game. 3401 Evanston Ave N


Chinook’s is Home of the Husky Party Boat! Leave the crowd behind, park free at Fishermen’s Terminal and enjoy a scenic cruise to Husky Stadium for only $22 and it includes a drink at the restaurant. There is a bar on the boat and its hosted by a local sports radio guy. They have betting boards that are passed around and have drawings for prizes. Fans from both teams participate in trivia and the singing of their teams fight song. Chinooks is a great option if you are coming from Magnolia, Queen Anne, or Ballard. They serve up casual seafood with good prices, and have a decent bar. Chinook's is a more of a before the game type of place. Have a few Bloody Mary's and a Hangtown Fry before you get on the boat. 1900 W Nickerson St

Driving toward Lake Union?

My number one go-to place used to be the Roanoke because there was always an interesting Capital Hill crowd their after the games. It was a good place to start then dip down to Eastlake for some fine dining.

The Roanoke Park Place Tavern

If you are approaching from the North edge of Capital Hill or going West this is one of my favorite places to go after a game. This ivy covered bar is a classic with good food and lots of college football fans after the game. On nice days the beer garden in the back is a blast to hang out in. There is always an interesting mix of regulars and Husky fans here on game day. 2409 10th Ave E

Eastlake Bar and Grill

The restaurant is located just south of the University Bridge, partially hidden under the I-5 bridge. The restaurant’s interior is heavy on wood, with large windows and a fantastic patio that looks out onto Lake Union. TV's playing ESPN are strategically placed around the bar so that, no matter where you look, at least one is always in your line of vision. This is good place to head after the game when you are looking for a more adult post game experience. 2947 Eastlake Avenue East

Dukes Chowder House

Duke's has great food at awesome prices, and the chowder is out of this world. I always get a good value here and enjoy the fish and chips. They have a great bar which overlooks South Lake Union. The perfect place to go after you park your yacht or before you board your seaplane to head home after the game. 901 Fairview Ave N

Headed South?

I think the Attic is my favorite place going in this direction after the game.

Montlake Ale House

The Montlake Ale House opened up a few years ago in the space formerly occupied by Grady’s. The usuals suspects that go are here are a quirky assortment of families, slumming university profs, local Montlake folks, and thirty-somethings of a political bent. If you are headed South, or hanging around to eventually head East of the lake this is possibly your location. 2307 24th Ave. E

Cactus Grill

The Cactus is a little out of the way over for most Husky fans since it is over in Madison Park but if your journey is taking you home along the lakeside this is a great place for some great Mexican food and Margarita's. 4220 East Madison

The Attic Ale House and Eatery

The Attic located in Madison Park has great food, beer, and a lively crowd on game days. They have been serving beers on this property since 1937 under various names but this latest incarnation arrived in 1992.  The Attic has eleven HD screens on the premises so you aren't going to miss any of the college football action on Saturday's. If I am headed toward Madison Park this is where I would go. 4226 E. Madison St.

BluWater Bistro

This was once Mick McHugh's old outpost in the Leschi neighborhood and was once among the most coveted restaurant locations in Seattle. After 22 years McHugh sold it to the BluWater and the place is still going strong after some minor cosmetic improvements. A lively bar scene to hit on if you are headed South along Lake Washington after the game. I am a fan of the fish and chips and love the view. 102 Lakeside Ave

Staying around the U-District?

The highlight for me when headed this way is to stop by Dicks and have a deluxe and some fries. If you are a student or just sticking around the area these are some solid choices.

The Blue Moon Tavern

Since its founding in 1934, the Moon has become a beacon for generations of free-thinkers, radicals, artists, and on Saturday local football fans. Pulitzer Prize-winning poets and Dead Heads have bent their elbows at its bar, and, in the process, transformed the Moon into an unofficial cultural landmark.  If you are headed West to the freeway, Wallingford, Green Lake and Phinney Ridge this is a convenient stop. The Blue Moon is a statement about all that is merry, divey, dirty, noisy, and bizarre in the brief time we have on Earth, and I think we can all drink to that. If you want the opportunity to discuss Husky football with an anarchist this is the place to go. 712 NE 45th Street

Big Time Ale House and Brewery

Seattle's oldest brewpub is done up to look like a turn-of-the-20th-century tavern, complete with a 100-year-old back bar and a wooden refrigerator. The pub serves as many as 12 of its own brews at any given time, and some of these are pretty unusual. They serve a serviceable pizza's and sandwiches to help soak up the micro brew. 4133 University Way NE

Piccolo's Pizza

The pizza is good and you can get it by the slice. The sandwiches are heavy and meaty, if that's your thing. Much more pleasant and quiet than The Monkey Bar next door or Dante's across the street. Piccolo's is classic thin crust pizza done ultra-right, with your standard amount of topping. The dough is exceptional, the sauce is perfect, and the selection of toppings abundant. Piccolo's has a wide variety of topping options and allows you to build your own super pizza. They also serve all sorts of sandwiches. Beat of all they have Rouge River Dead Guy Ale on tap! 5301 Roosevelt Way NE

The Monkey Pub

Even though food isn't the focus, the pub does have a small menu with a surprise special or two. As for libations, there are several beers on tap ranging from PBR to Fat Tire and a full bar. This is the neighborhood bar you always wanted but never had. The Indy loaded jukebox is the best in Seattle. 5305 Roosevelt Way NE


This self-proclaimed den of traditional sin serves as sanctuary for young men and women on the prowl. Thick wooden tables and booths complement the inevitable red leather and coarse walls. A great place to people watch after a Husky game. This frat boy hang out has pretty good burgers and sandwiches, some decent taps and you have to love a place that serves Jell-O shots from over sized plastic syringes. 5300 Roosevelt Way NE

Irish Immigrant

The Irish Emigrant is one of Seattle's authentic Irish pubs. Here you will join Seattle's Irish community in traditional song, food, dance, and drink. It even has two real cork dart boards! They have an outdoor deck so on a nice day you can have your pint of Guinness outside after the game. 5260 University Way NE

Earls on the Avenue

The original location was condemned so they had to move down the street.  If you want to get lit for less than $5, this is the place to go. If you're a lightweight, you can always ask the bartender to pour it weak and maybe they'll oblige, but don't count on it. Almost any night of the week you find an interesting mix of college students and transients. Not a bad place to pop by after the game. Give the platter of garlic fries a try. 4333 University Way NE

Schultzy's Sausage

The secret here is good sausage, good fries, and good beer. The employees are always fun to talk to. I usually go for the Coleman or the Shultzy with chili and cheese. They rotate the beers on tap, and there's a bunch of them. The specials are pretty good too, so check them out. Oh, and they have a $5 breakfast that's stellar! The servings could be a little bit bigger for what they charge, but it's definitely forgivable for the price. 4114 University Way NE

Dicks Drive In

No beer available here but you have probably have had too many by now. This is a ritualistic stop coming or going to the stadium. If you are headed West toward Wallingford you have to pull over to get a deluxe and fries with some tartar sauce. Dicks has locations in Wallingford, Queen Anne, Holman Road, Capitol Hill, and Lake City. So whichever direction you are headed it can be part of your game plan. You know you still have room for one! 111 N.E. 45th St.