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Sunday's Best - Washington Huskies in the NFL


Half way through the preseason, NFL teams are starting to work their depth charts into place. Where do our former Huskies stand.

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Sorry For All the Football from Fox Sports 1


Do you dream of bathing in an unending wave of college football goodness? Do you ever feel like you just see too much of your girlfriend, the sun or your Jack Russell, Bo?  If so, do we have...

O'Bannon Ruling May Have Saved NCAA From Itself


Yesterday's rulings by Judge Wilken in the O'Bannon trial were seen as a blow to the NCAA, but it may have just saved the sprawling conglomerate from itself.

Ted Agu's Death; a Lawsuit; a Legal Perspective


Back in February, Ted Agu was pulled off a supervised run, rushed to the hospital in an ambulance, and was pronounced dead upon his arrival at the hospital. Now his family has filed a wrongful...

The SEC is on DirecTV: Your move, Larry Scott


The SEC Network will reach over 90 million households thanks to contracts with all the major Satellite and Cable carriers in the U.S. Is it fair to criticize Larry Scott and the Pac 12 Networks for...

Today is the Day


Today is the next great day in Husky Football history. Let's soak up its effulgence and prepare ourselves for the journey ahead.

Expecting a UW Breakout in 2014? Read this...


The Huskies look great on paper as 2014 approaches. Today, the UWDP looks at wildcards that could derail what looks like a promising season.

Chris Petersen and UW's Hierarchy of Needs

With the cupboards well-stocked, Chris Petersen is in the enviable position to affect culture change in Washington's football program.

Hawks and Dawgs: Friends Born On the Gridiron


The Seahawks and Huskies enjoy one of the most unique proximal situations that fans of both the pro and college football games could ever hope for. How can these two entities take their it to the...

UW's Offensive Line Strategy Shifts to a Zen State


UW's Offensive Line numbers are finally back to where Husky fans expect them to be. Accordingly, Chris Petersen's strategy for managing the OL unit can change to one focused on talent over numbers.

2014: the Year of Kasen


If the Huskies are to make a surprise run at the P12 Championship, Kasen Williams is going to be their most crucial factor.

Chief Seattle and the Great Sports Logo Debate


After years of having their protests fall on deaf ears, Native American activists are making progress in their efforts to affect how their culture is leveraged in sports. Is it time for change?

Your "Off-Season" is his "On-season"


Larry Scott is riding shotgun on what has quietly been one of the most disruptive off seasons in recent NCAA history.

The Strategy Behind Composing Washington's Defense


There are many ways a coach can construct a defense. How did Justin Wilcox construct his, what is Pete Kwiatkowski being handed, and is he following the same path?

Chris Petersen Hates Husky Nation (kinda)


In a chat with the Seattle Times, Coach Petersen revealed that he is looking for a new moniker to attach to Husky Fans. He also talked a little football.

Chris Petersen and Early Expectations


Even with the losses of three very key offensive weapons and the prospects of largely rebuilding the secondary, the number of returning players on the roster plus the hiring of Chris Petersen as...

Getting UW Back to the Rose Bowl


The Huskies aren't there yet, but the ability to make a Rose Bowl run isn't too far from a reality. How will the Huskies get over the proverbial hump and give their fans a chance to return to...

Yellow Jerseys: UW's Most Indispensable Players


If you could protect just two UW players from the game of life this offseason, who would they be?

The Early Missteps of Chris Petersen


It has been a great, but not perfect, start to the new Husky Head Coach's regime. UWDP takes a look at the good and bad of the Petersen era with one calendar quarter complete.

CFB and Unionization ... DON'T PANIC!!!


A recent decision allowing football players at Northwestern University to vote on unionization is hardly the last volley in what is sure to be a long battle.

How did we get here?


Sometimes when we get out of bed in the morning, something happens and you just know that the day isn't going to be one that you would like to go through. Maybe you slept through your alarm and are...

Romar by the Numbers: Has He Earned Another Year?


An unscientific but interesting comparison of Lorenzo Romar's tenure compared to the fortunes of similar teams demonstrates that the UW coach has fared respectably ... but is it well enough for...

New Age Exposure for Old School College Sports


Television contracts and media rights have altered the landscape of major college sports by increasing exposure and raining money down on ADs all over the nation. Has all of this growth...

Seattle's Super Run Provides Lessons for UW


The Seattle Seahawks are your new Super Bowl Champions. There is no shortage of lessons for the Washington Huskies to take note of as they prepare for their 2014 football campaign.

Gekko File: P12 North Draft Decisions in Review


The Gekko Files are opened to examine the decisions to both stay or go among the most talented of Pac 12 North underclassmen.

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