Washington Husky Stadium Construction Updates

Husky Stadium Update - The Rainy Edition

Husky Stadium Update - The Rainy Edition

Husky Stadium Update - Kicking Off The Second Half

Husky Stadium Update - Kicking Off The Second Half

Husky Stadium Construction Update - Week 46

Progress continues to be made on the re-construction of Husky Stadium

Husky Stadium Construction Update

Hello, Dawg fans! Where do I start? There is so much activity going on at Husky Stadium, it's rather hard to organize my thoughts and decide where to start. The most obvious change this week is the...

Husky Stadium Update - End of Summer Report

You read that right, this is the last Husky Stadium update of the summer. Next Sunday, September 23rd is the first official day of fall. Where does the time go?? This week's update is going to be a...

Husky Stadium Update

What better way to take our minds off a miserable loss to LSU, than a look at the progress being made at Husky Stadium. Yep, you heard it right, somebody at Montlake is making progress every week!...

Upper Deck: Past and Present

Hello, Dawg fans! It's been an exciting week for us web cam voyeurs. Wednesday afternoon saw the first upper deck steel truss put in place and it's been progressing at light speed ever since. On...

Husky Stadium Update - Week 40

Hello, Dawg fan! You read that right, 40 weeks have passed since they broke ground on Husky Stadium! Just how long is that? I'm glad you asked! If your wife got pregnant the same day that they...

Husky Stadium - The South Side Edition

Hello, Dawg Fans! Are you enjoying the progress on the web cams? There are many days that I am amazed at how much progress they can make in just a few hours time, not to mention how many different...

Husky Stadium Update

Hello, Dawg fans! Another week has past and it's time for another Husky Stadium update. The visual stimulation has not been quite as noticeable, but they're still hard at work getting stuff done....


Up close and personal edition

Hello, Dawg fans! First, I want to start by showing you just how dedicated I am to the Dawg Pound. This past Thursday I went out and rented a boat for the sole purpose of getting you a current...

Husky Stadium Weekly Update

I had a rather hard time deciding whether or not to take the time to put together the weekly update. It's absolutely gorgeous outside, so I was lacking the motivation to spend time on my laptop,...

Husky Stadium Update

We are another week closer to the grand opening of Husky Stadium!! Unfortunately, that is still over a year away, but we are getting very close to the peak of the construction storm. The...

Husky Stadium - The Six Month Mark

Can you believe it's been a little over six month since they broke ground on Husky Stadium? I find it remarkable that in six months they have torn down the old stadium, excavated mammoth amounts of...

Husky Stadium Update

It's been a quiet week at work for this pilot, but not for the construction crews, which means you get yet another Husky Stadium update! This one will be rather short, but I've got a real slam bang...

What a difference a week makes

Here's a quick lesson on thunderstorms, they have three stages, cumulus, mature, and dissipating. During the cumulus stage the storm is building. During the mature stage you get thunder, lightning,...

Husky Stadium - Mini Update

First, I'd like to wish everyone a very happy Memorial Day weekend, we will forever remember the brave soldiers that gave their lives for the freedom's we enjoy today. I get goose bumps every time...

Husky Stadium - The wind is starting to pick up!

Ten days ago I commented that we were in the calm before the storm, this week, the wind is definitely starting to pick up! The last week has provided quite a bit of visual stimulation, which you'll...

Husky Stadium - The Calm Before The Storm

Hello Dawg fans! I hope the construction workers don't take offense to the title, they are still working their butts off and making great progress on the foundations of Husky Stadium. That being...

Husky Stadium Update

It's tax day! Hopefully none of you have waited until the last hour to get your taxes done. If you are in the process of writing a big fat check to Uncle Sam, just remember not a single penny of it...

Husky Stadium Update - The South Side

My last update focused solely on the west endzone and the football facilities building that will be contained with in it. This week I'm going to focus on the construction progress happening on the...

Husky Stadium Construction Update - Week 16

The Husky Stadium construction crews have been at work for 16 weeks now and they are getting the job done! It's amazing to see how much dirt they have moved and how quickly they are getting the...

Husky Stadium Construction Update

It's been a few weeks since our last construction update and these guys aren't wasting any time. The construction crews have basically finish the demolition process, the only thing still to be torn...

Snow Day 2012

Like many people across Western Washington, I've been lucky enough to spend the day at home enjoying the winter weather from the warmth of my couch! What does a good, self respecting, Husky fan do...

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