Point Spreads For Six Of Washington's 2014 Football Games

Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

Early lines for matchups with Oregon, ASU, UCLA, UA, and WSU are out.

Golden Nugget casino has released spreads for their top-200 games of the year. Five Husky games made the cut (and bizarrely, the Stanford game wasn't among them, even though it has been a thriller both of the past two seasons).

Here are the games, spreads, and thoughts.

UW +20 @ Oregon

OK. Bit high, but Oregon is getting national-championship-contender-love and all their lines against teams that aren't are going to look like this. Plus recent history and whatnot. Can't argue, but right now I like the Huskies +20.

UW -6 vs. Arizona State

Something of a shock considering the beating the Sun Devils laid on the Huskies in Tempe a year ago, but I think (as we'll see more below) that the Golden Nugget is buying UW as a home team, and not as much on the road. And again, recent history says that's probably the smart bet.

UW +3.5 vs UCLA

UCLA is, like Oregon, riding the media wave. But I'm telling you right now, they're not winning this game. They aren't as good as their hype and will be the second best team on the field come November 8th. Don't take UW +3.5, take UW straight up.

UW +5 @ Arizona

This is where the Nugget not buying the Dawgs away from home factors in, because it has to. There's no other logical reason for this line to 1) favor Arizona at all, or 2) favor Arizona by more than a couple of points.

UW -7.5 vs Oregon State

Considering the direction of the Husky program, Oregon State losing its best player on each side of the ball (by a long shot), Oregon State having not beaten an upper-half Pac-12 opponent in over a year (by the time this game is played it could be two years) and the result of the game in Corvallis a year ago, this line is expected. UW clearly is the better team right now.

UW -4.5 @ Washington State

Insert whatever cliche you will about throwing out records/talent or whatever in a rivalry game. This line does seem about right though. UW will always be more talented, and now has a distinct coaching advantage, but being in the Palouse brings the line down as does the fact that these games are more often than not closer than they should be.

Golden Nugget - 2014 college football games of the year by Marcus DiNitto

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