Speculating in regards to Lorenzo Romar's future.

Hello my dear Huskies' faithful,

and a big WOOF to you all this rainy Friday afternoon ;)

To begin with I just want to reiterate that I am neither promoting nor encouraging a "pink slip to Romar" theme.

I am simply theorizing as to the candidacy of Romar's potential replacements in the future. This is done primarily as a result of recent threads and fan posts pertaining to this general topic.

As much as I'm skeptical of Romar's ability to revive the program from its current downward spiral, I still truly hope he can succeed at doing so. In fact, I'm sure he himself wants to turn it around more than I can ever comprehend.

However, in case he doesn't display requisite urgency along with clear and definite improvements very soon, I would want to see us embrace serious changes in the basketball program.

Thus, if (and/or when) Romar is released, I was wondering whether I could get your opinion on a few select (potential) candidates to replace him in the future, ladies and gents.

Again, it's pure conjecture at this point, but here they are, as follows ((BTW, the parenthesis right after the name contain the respective candidate's age)):

1. Shaka Smart (36) – VCU (Record 137-46 / .749) ((Smart is likely the most coveted on this list, but definitely wouldn't hurt to try, would it))

2. Greg Marshall (51) – Wichita St. (Record 174-71 / .710)

3. Josh Pastner (36) – Memphis (Record 130-44 / .747)

4. Chris Mack (44) – Xavier (Record 111-57 / .661)

5. Tommy Amaker (48) – Harvard (Record 139-70 / .665)

The following aren't likely to leave their current positions, (right?)...but still worth a try, no?

Mark Few (51) – Gonzaga (Record 403–100 / .801)

Tony Bennett (44) – Virginia (Record 104-59 / .638)

Brad Stephens (37) – Celtics from Butler (Record 166-49 / .772)

Honorable Mentions, as follows:

Jamie Dixon (48) – Pittsburgh Panthers

Jay Wright (52) – Villanova Wildcats

Mick Cronin (42) – Cincinnati Bearcats

So, any thoughts, comments, critiques, etc? Your feedback is appreciated, so fire at will.

Thank you,

Go Dawgs!

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