(3-14 update)The No-Pecking-Order RB Spring Update

Position of intrigue

Heading into spring I said this would be a position of intrigue for myself…That was an understatement.

There is no pecking order as expected, but there are some weapons back there.

Update: On paper right now here's what we're looking at eligibility-wise. In parenthesis is their rank coming out of HS.

Senior (66): Callier

Junior (WR): Washington

Sophomore (19): Cooper

Sophomore (LB): Mcdaniel

Freshman (30): Coleman

Incoming (64): Dotson

Deontae Cooper:(3-14 update) Softy broke the news earlier today that Coop is a Sophomore in eligibility. That's FANTASTIC news and for once "the NCAA got it right. Next up, points out, gliderdawg, "Pac12 refs".

(Previous comments) Word out of camp is he’s "a new man". He no longer is sporting a cumbersome brace and has his wiggle back. Will have that explosiveness we saw that he had in Corvallis?

What a great story would that be if he could come back from 3 scrapes with career-ending injuries and carry the torch.

Jesse Callier: He’s healthy and if his skill set (Where’s Waldo) is utilized to the degree that the previous staff he can be a huge weapon. Could he be the every down back Sankey was? Possibly. With all of these toys I doubt CP is looking to just replace "probably the best back in the 2014 NFL Draft".

As I've already said: never count it a senior.

Dewayne Washington: He’s a big back should see a good amount of time in two-back sets and some in ground-and-pound.

I’m not sure of his versatility so we’ll have to see some other skills he brings to the table.

Lavon Coleman: Depending on who you listen to, Coleman is the biggest weapon in the backfield. It was hard to keep him off of last year but Sark preserved his RS so now we get to see what he brings to the table.

SB Nation had him pegged as a breakout RS Freshman.

Shaq Thompson: Hard to know just how good of a back he can be in a game because when he’s in an offensive formation the best tackler isn’t on defense. He has the power for short-yardage and yet breakaway speed. I see him in the backfield in a MadDawg formation, read-option, goal line, or as a decoy.

Do you risk a hit on him or a dropped ball and take carries away from Washington or Coleman?

Ryan Mcdaniel: (3-14 update) Mcdaniel is either out our on limited duty because of some sort of an injury. Petersen is very tight with injury information. If I find out any more info I'll pass it along.

(Previous comments) Not getting much notice or press at this point. With Wooching on defense and Brown with the TE's Mcdaniel will be given more looks but no reports on him to date.

Derrick Brown: (update) Is now working with the TE's.

(previous comments) This guy had paid his dues. He's bounced around between positions. Many thought he'd be in the backfield leading the way for the tail backs. Where he winds up will be interesting. Could he be in track for graduation and playtime elsewhere? Seems to be a prime candidate. Given the roster issues we'll keep an eye on him.

Wooching: Now on defense.

Final Analysis

This is purely speculative based upon what I’ve read and heard… among with what I can see them doing

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