Washington has suspended Damore'ea Stringfellow and Cyler Miles for violation of team rules

Ed Szczepanski-USA TODAY Sports

The two are being investigated in connection with an assault following the Super Bowl.

Head Coach Chris Petersen has suspended wide receiver Damore'ea Stringfellow and quarterback Cyler Miles for violation of team rules, the University of Washington announced Thursday. The two are suspended indefinitely. This could last a while, or it could last not a long while. Probably a long while.

It was previously reported that Stringfellow and another player were being investigated for misdemeanor assault following the Super Bowl on Sunday. There have been no arrests made, and the police report has redacted all names involved, so there cannot be absolute certainty that the two who assaulted the man are Stringfellow and Miles, but it sure looks that way.

So, now that we know that String and Miles will be out for a while, let's play a little game. Should the two of them miss substantial time this offseason, and potentially time during the season, what could happen for the quarterback and wide receiver spots?


Many had assumed, because he had the most playing time of any quarterback on the roster in 2013 other than Keith Price, that Miles was going to step into the role of starting quarterback in 2014 as a redshirt sophomore. Redshirt freshman Troy Williams was given a nod as someone who could have potentially challenged Miles. His struggles learning the playbook and the offensive system last season didn't bode well for him potentially overtaking Miles, but it was possible.

With Miles missing significant time(assumption), what could happen at quarterback? It likely means that Williams and Jeff Lindquist will battle for the starting job. With K.J. Carta-Samuels coming on board, he potentially could push for the starting job, but redshirting him if he is not starting would probably be the best option. He is a raw prospect with a good arm and good mobility, but didn't play in an offense that showcased his talents all too much. Raw.

Bottom line, look for the competition for the starting gig to be between Williams and Lindquist unless Carta-Samuels surprises.

Wide Receiver

This is the bind. With Stringfellow absent, the Huskies return four wide receivers from last season. Jaydon Mickens, John Ross III, Kasen Williams and Marvin Hall. DiAndre Campbell had one more season of eligibility but instead decided to graduate and move on.

Williams is recovering from a pretty brutal injury (Lisfranc). We cannot know how ready he will be when the season starts. There is no way that the Huskies will go into the season with only four healthy receivers, and potentially three. This could mean a few things. Darrell Daniels could get moved to WR, the position he played in high school and for half of the season in 2013. Dante Pettis could see extended playing time as a true freshman.

Who will start on the outside is another interesting question. If Williams misses the beginning of the season (plausible) then the only big-bodied receiver left would be Daniels (should he switch back). Mickens is less of a traditional wide receiver, along with Ross. Both of them are more well-suited for catching the ball in space than running traditional routes (though Mickens showed some improvement in that area his sophomore year.

This is all conjecture though, as we don't know what the fates of Miles and Stringfellow will be. For now, we will have to wait and see how long Petersen decides the two will have to sit out, and will have to wait for more information to become official.

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