Dot...Dot...Dawg (2/1)

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Catching up on recruiting, post-season accolades and looking forward to today's basketball game.

Well the rain exploded with a mighty crash,
As we fell into the sun.
And the first one said, to the second one there,
I hope you're having fun.

  • The Dawgman guys had the first show in a month last weekend, and did a nice job of recapping the state of the recruiting scene in the Pacific Northwest. Give it a listen here.

  • Washington's recruiting news has slowed down since the craziness that was last week, when Coach Pete received commitments from seven prospects in an epic five-day stretch, but the Dawgs are in a good position to close strongly with recruits like Budda Baker and Kaleb McGary.

  • Ted Miller and Kevin Gemmell name Bishop Sankey their No. 5 player in the conference in 2013. Washington finished with just two players on the list, and while I realize that I'm probably being a homer, I don't see how Keith Price didn't make the cut. After all, he had the conference's second-highest rated quarterback rating, threw 21 touchdowns against just six picks, and led the team to its first nine-win season in a decade. I dunno, it just doesn't add up to me. To be fair, though, their top-25 lists rarely add up to me, so at least they're being consistent.

  • Jimmy Lake doesn't care that it's the middle of winter -- his boys are hard at work, even in January.
  • Terrence Ross finished this dunked. That's not a lie.

    via (H/T Bruce Feldman)

  • Tough news for Nate Rob, as the Husky legend has undergone surgery for an ACL tear in his left knee. The good news is that he should be healthy in time for the start of next season.

  • Today is the basketball Apple Cup in Pullman, and Washington is coming into the game strong after sweeping a home series against Oregon and Oregon State. Meanwhile, the Cougs have appeared listless in losing seven of their last eight games, and desperately need a win to turn around their season into the realm of respectability. You can catch today's game at 3 p.m. Pacific on the Pac-12 Networks.

  • For those of you who need a place to get your Seahawks fix, check out our Superbowl smack talk thread. While you're at it, give some love to SB Nation's excellent Seahawks blog, Field Gulls.

Question of the Day

As usual, Ted and Kevin's list of their top-25 players in the Pac-12 has given us plenty of fodder for discussion. After getting skunked last year, UW finished with Austin Seferian-Jenkins at No. 22 and Bishop Sankey at No. 5. What do you think of their decisions? Who was on the list that you would have left off? Conversely, who would you have included that they did not?

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