Dot...Dot...Dawg (1/9)

Washington is off to a strong start in conference play, despite not always looking the part of an upper-echelon team. - Steven Bisig-USA TODAY Sports

The basketball team starts rolling, the football schedule comes out, and the new coaching staff meets the media.

She was a comely young woman, and not without prospects. Therefore, it was heartbreaking to her mother that she would enter into marriage with William Munny, a known thief and murderer, a man of notoriously vicious and intemperate disposition. When she died, it was not at his hands, as her mother might have suspected, but of smallpox. That was 1878.

  • The Huskies won a close, low-scoring contest yesterday against Utah to improve to 10–6 overall and 2–1 in conference. After a shaky and inconsistent non-conference season, the Dawgs look like they're clicking at just the right time. Adam Lewis' main takeaway from the Utah game is essentially this: winning ugly is still winning.

  • Anthony examines the 2014 football schedule, which was released yesterday. Aside from opening conference play against Stanford, this is the most manageable schedule that Washington has been presented in recent memory. Here's to guessing that Coach Pete breathed a sigh of relief when he saw there was nothing similar to this year's grind against the three best teams in the conference in the form of Stanford, Oregon and Arizona State.

  • Ted Miller gives Washington a "B" for the football season. I'm inclined to agree with him: Washington reached new highs this year in winning nine games, but the malaise of the Stanford-Oregon-Arizona State stretch is something that definitely held the Dawgs back this year.

  • Adam Jude takes an early look at the Dawgs' depth chart, which will undoubtedly change between now and kickoff on Aug. 30. As you can see, there are a ton of returning starters, but the battles to replace Keith Price at quarterback and Bishop Sankey at tailback will be compelling to watch. My early favorites, for no particular reason, are Troy Williams and Lavon Coleman. Call it a hunch.

  • The new Husky football coaches were busy this week introducing themselves to the media. KJR has your fix: Petersen jumped on the air with Elise and Jerry on Tuesday, while Softy interviewed new offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach Jonathan Smith. In addition, this is a bit old, but Rick Neuheisel spoke to Mitch last week about the general college football landscape, including some talk about the Dawgs.

  • As always, stay up-to-date with the recruiting roller coaster over at our open recruiting thread.

  • Our Dawg Pound readers have been hard at work this week: Hawksfordays did our jobs for us and put together a breakdown of Washington's recruiting needs on offense, and calls attention to the fact that Krista Vansant has been recognized as one of, if not the, top collegiate volleyball player in the country.

Question of the Day

As I mentioned above, ESPN's Ted Miller gave Washington a "B" for the season. Is that a fair grade? How would you grade Washington's season, and why?

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