PAC 12 Basketball Power Ratings

Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

We have all been a little distracted with another Northwest team making to a little game called the super bowl. But there was college basketball last week. How did the Weekend shape up?

1. Arizona 18-0 (5-0)  They could probably lose 2-3 straight games and not lose first place in the rankings.  Arizona is loaded with talent and prepping for a run at the final four.  They are clearly the class of the conference and only team assured of a tournament berth.

2. Cal 14-5 (5-1)  Cal was undefeated in conference play after last week.  They destroyed the Huskies and cougars and home.  They laid a serious egg last night against USC.  But this rating is supposed to be out before last nights games.  Like I said, I was a little distracted by recruiting and the Seahawks.  But I digress.  Until last night Cal had shown they were the number 2 team in the conference.  They are in LA this weekend.  A drop in standings could be on the horizon.

3. UCLA 14-4 (3-2) Switching spots with Cal this week and maybe again next week.  The Bruins had reached the top 25 before dropping a game to Utah last week.  They host the bay schools this weekend.

4. CU  15-4 (4-2)  The former number 2 rated team is trying to climb back up my rankings after losing star PG Spencer Dinwiddie in an injury against Washington.  They travel to number 1 Arizona tonight.

5. Utah 14-4 (3-3)  The big mover in this weeks rankings and looking to move higher.  Up from number 9 after wins last week against USC and UCLA.  Outside of the trip to Washington the Utes have been fairly solid. They will be in Arizona this week.

6. Stanford 12-5 (3-2) A sweep of the Washington schools has the Cardinal on the rise.  Chasson Randle is having an awesome season that should give him all-conference honors.  We will see how they fair on the road with a trip to LA.

7.  Oregon St. 11-7 (3-3)  The beavers have been pretty good at home and not surprising have struggled a little on the road.  Excluding last nights victory in Pullman.  Another game this Saturday night in Seattle could change things again.

8. Washington 11-8 (3-3)  A disappointing trip to the bay destroyed nearly all the excitement that the Huskies had built up.  Rebounding with a sweep over the Oregon schools this week will keep the Romar haters away a little while longer.  They host Oregon tonight at 8:00 PST time.

9.  Arizona St.  13-5 (2-3) Another inconsistent PAC 12 team.  The Sun Devils stay out of the bottom 3 but host Utah and CU this weekend.  Two losses could make this conference have a bottom 4.

10 Oregon 13-4 (1-4) WTF happened to Oregon Basketball?  Can you say overrated?  A team that climbed to around 13th in the polls just a few weeks back, has now lost 4 in a row.  A tough weekend road trip could drop them deeper in the cellar.

11. WSU 8-11 (1-6)  The cougars keep getting lower and lower in the nation in scoring.  With USC's win last night a loss to Oregon this weekend in Pullman could push the cougs to the bottom.

12 USC 10-9 (1-5)  Looking to get off the bottom of the ratings USC had a nice victory last night.  However, before this week they were the lone winless team in the conference. To their defense may have the toughest conference schedule to date.  I would love to move them up to number 10 by next week.

How do my ratings compare to you?   Can Washington move back to the top half of the conference?

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