Featured Fanpost: Pace of Play Analysis - Game 1

I'll try to post one of these for each game. I am going to track each drive this season, in addition to charting plays.

The Washington Huskies averaged 20.5 seconds per offensive snap on Saturday in their victory over Boise State. Over the previous four years of Steve Sarkisian's tenure here they averaged 27.2 seconds per offensive snap and each year was very close to that average. So the pace increased by approximately 25% on Saturday.

On a possession by possession basis on Saturday, there was quite a range though.

First drive: 2 plays ending in INT, 10.0 seconds/play

Second drive: 16 plays ending in TD, 17.6 seconds/play

Third drive: 7 plays ending in Turnover on downs, 18.6 seconds/play

Fourth drive: 12 plays ending in FG, 18.6 seconds/play

Fifth drive: 9 plays ending in punt, 16.6 seconds/play

Sixth drive: 6 plays ending in End of Half, 25.2 seconds/play

Seventh drive: 4 plays ending in TD, 26.8 seconds/play

Eighth drive: 7 plays ending in TD, 19.1 seconds/play

Ninth drive: 11 plays ending in TD, 18.9 seconds/play

Tenth drive: 8 plays ending in TD, 26.3 seconds/play

Final drive: 3 plays ending in Punt, 45 seconds/play


-The First drive is skewed really low because of a 1st down on the first play, followed by a quick interception.

-The last drive of the first half is also a little odd, because initially they were trying to go fast, then Keith Price had trouble getting them lined up, took a sack and then they let the clock run out.

-The first drive of the second half was slower than most of the drives, but it looked like that happened because Price made some adjustments at the LOS that led to the two big pass plays to Kasen.

-The final drive of the game was when Cyler Miles was in and they took their time.

-Except for the final possession, even on possessions where they had "slowed things down", they were still getting the play off about the same as the historical average under Sark.

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