"I Want to go to a Game!"

That title is what the lovely lady who claims me said back in the Spring. She had never been to Husky Stadium and really wanted to attend a game. I knew what she meant when she said she wanted to go to a game, she wanted to spend time with me doing something I enjoy. She didn't want to see a game though, she really wanted to see a happy Dawgfan1980 and there was only way to guarantee that, Idaho State.

It was the first trip for me to the Stadium since 2010 and hers ever. Got our seats on the rail in the North upperdeck and proceeded to watch a very good team take the field. The University of Washington Huskies put on a hardhat and grabbed a lunch pail and just played football. Way too messy on offense and procedure calls (I will stroke out on a penalty one of these days). This game reminded me of playing NCAA with the UW mascot team versus, oh North Texas on Easy. When we got ourselves into poor down and distance, we just outran, outhit and out executed the Bengals. Bellevue might have been a better match-up physically.

At the half as the bands serenaded us with such contemporary hits as Born in the U.S.A. and If I had No Loot, the Tony! Toni! Tone! classic, I noticed that the defense was doing something that was harkening back to heady days. The yardage board was something a seven year old would draw during his second grade journal time. How fun was it to watch the Dawgs pin their ears back and unleash terror? Near the end of the half, I was hoping maybe we could give them the ball more so I could bark a wee bit louder again.

As the fan next to me drunkenly slurred to watch the fake as the second half was in its infancy and the older woman next to me commented that they had to do that to stay in the game (The game was over after ISU's first snap we moved the line of scrimmage back three yards), it harkened me back to a day long gone. First teamers had been rotated out almost across the board, a QB who didn't even need to play the whole first half, it took me back to a heady era two decades ago as my cheeks grew ruddy with lovely September sunshine. Young players getting significant snaps, more snaps in the mental computer. Rotating and blooding players into the rotation. Seeing how far Pototae and Goodwin have fallen.

Once it got to the depth, you thought maybe the game would be closer. If UW had started their entire second team and only played them, they still would've won by three touchdowns minimum. This team has depth. This team doesn't have swagger or bravado. This team has a hardhat and workman like attitude. Little victories all over the place. Cooper's first touchdown, Cyler's first TD (Tell 'em all it was a beautiful lob that split two defenders), and Farria getting ample snaps and a sack. They never stopped the pressure and kept the skee'er right on up through the Bengals.

25 penalties accepted in this game, 15 on UW. Need to clean that up to beat U of A, but we should be able to take care of business. This team has a look to them at the quarter pole. Today, three things could've happened, a mediocre victory where depth made it a back door cover, a game where we took a few early blows from not being ready and then turned it on, or this. Outside of Mickens fumblitis early, this UW team got on Idaho State early and didn't relent. UW might always have penalty issues (I might have wished that they just let the teams play football through the second quarter) playing in the Pac-12 as this league leads the nation in penalty flags thrown, it seems.

Oh, you might ask how the game experience was for the lady. She had a great time, mainly because UW won. She enjoyed the views, didn't care about concessions (good girl) or much else, just that we won. "I don't care if they win, I only care that they don't lose. You're not fun when they lose".

Indeed, I'm not. October is a-looming.

But, one more game to ponder at home before we turn the calendar. Senior QB's win games (Okay, not in Corvallis) and first year QB's lose games on the road. Arizona will be a tough test, especially because there's a date looming and a three week gauntlet about to be thrown about nationally (the voice in my head is starting to scream as I think about that statement we can make), but if we focus, tackle and execute, well...

Bow Down.

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