Pace of Play Analysis - Game 2

The Washington Huskies averaged 21.8 seconds of possession time per offensive snap in their victory over the Fighting Illini in Chicago. That compares to an average of 20.5 seconds per snap in the Boise State game. As in the Boise State game, there was a mix of paces, with some possessions going really fast and others being a bit more on the leisurely side.

1st Possession: 5 plays for 32 yards over 1:38 of clock time, ending in a PUNT. 19.6 seconds/play

2nd Possession: 6 plays for 26 yards over 1:47, ending in a FUMBLE. 17.8 seconds/play

3rd Possession: 8 plays for 77 yards over 2:55, ending in a TD PASS. 21.9 seconds/play

4th Possession: 7 plays for 34 yards over 2:12, ending in a FUMBLE. 18.9 seconds/play

5th Possession: 13 plays for 86 yards over 4:12, ending in a FG MADE. 19.4 seconds/play

6th Possession: 7 plays for 75 yards over 1:58, ending in a TD RUSH. 16.9 seconds/play

7th Possession: 10 plays for 85 yards over 3:00, ending in a TD RUSH. 18.0 seconds/play

8th Possession: 5 plays for 78 yards over 1:27, ending in a TD PASS. 17.4 seconds/play

9th Possession: 3 plays for -3 yards over 1:33, ending in a PUNT. 31.0 seconds/play

10th Possession: 6 plays for 12 yards over 2:37, ending in a PUNT. 26.2 seconds/play

11th Possession: 11 plays for 54 yards over 4:26, ending in a FG MADE. 24.2 seconds/play

12th Possession: 6 plays for 31 yards over 3:51, ending with END OF GAME. 38.5 seconds/play


--Over the first 8 possessions the Huskies were playing pretty fast, with an average of 18.8 seconds of clock time elapsed per play.

--Although I can appreciate the tactical reason for slowing the pace of play in the 4th quarter with a big lead, it appeared at the time that the slower pace robbed the offense of its aggression and initiative a bit. If that pattern persists, it will present some interesting trade-offs for Coach Sarkisian when the Huskies are playing with a lead.

--The Huskies have nine TD drives this season. On average they have required 8.4 plays for 72.4 yards over 2:47 of clock time, for an average of 19.8 seconds/play.

--The Huskies first possession of the second half against Illinois was the highest paced successful possession of the season thus far. The Dawgs ran what looked like a couple variations on inside zone seven straight times out of the same formation (Pistol Bunch) in 12 personnel and managed to snap the ball every 16.9 seconds. Of course, the fact that most of the carries went for first downs certainly helped.

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