Dot...Dot...Dawg (Game Week Spectacular Edition)

Otto Greule Jr

Are you ready for game week? Say who?

It's game week.  A familiar routine despite the unique sense of anxiety and fervor that seizes his every function this time of year.  With just a week to go, there is precious little time to prepare.  He'll need beer.  Of course.  He was thinking about experimenting with a new wing sauce (the temptation to go hotter is thwarted by the admission that old age is both bending his tolerance and exploding his GERD), but will likely stick to the same old formula.  A trip to Costco will be required.  Oh, and paper towels.  The good ones.  That will take care of the wing sauce remnants and the frothing at the mouth (all good dawgs ...).  Dots!  By jove! The most important things.  This is going to be epic.

Husky Stadium Dots


Rumor Dots

Probably my last installment of rumors and rumblings that I'm picking up from various reporting outlets and twitter feeds.  Enjoy.

  • The day that neither Kirk nor I ever expected is going to arrive:  expect Deontae Cooper to get some field action against Boise State.
  • Travis Coons is going to be the FG kicker with Cameron Van Winkle handling kickoffs.
  • Everybody is impressed with Ben Riva at LT.  Everybody.
  • JoJo Mathis = Beast.  He continues to tear it up and absolutely will play this year.
  • Can't find too many people who think that ASJ won't play against BSU.
  • Some people are reporting that Princeton Fuiaomono has beat Travis Feeney for a starting OLB role.  Those reports may be premature, but Fui is going to get a lot of snaps regardless.
  • Kevin King at Safety has been a surprise standout to observers, though it is unlikely that he plays this season.
  • Colin Tanigawa is more honey badger than panda these days.  Apparently, the Panda's nasty streak is rubbing off on the whole line.
  • The firming up of the kick holding situation, now handled by Korey Durkee, has been a key factor in stabilizing the performance of all the kickers.
  • Jesse Callier could well be returning kicks again when the Huskies take the field in a week.
  • The inability of linebackers to consistently cover Josh Perkins continues.  He will definitely contribute and surprise opponents in 2013.
  • Eric Kohler is already ruled out for the opener and he isn't really all that close to getting back on the field.
  • The sudden emergence of Kevin Smith has made a Darrell Daniels redshirt likely and raises the question as to what role Demore'ea Stringfellow will play.
  • Hau'oli Jamora (Kikaha) is not back to his old self yet ... but is still really good.
  • We are all still waiting to see what role Marvin Hall is going to play for this team in 2013.
  • The staff is considering red-shirting two or three guys who played last year.  I'll leave it to you to guess who they may be.

Question of the Day

With gameday just one week away, chime in below and let us know what you'll be doing exactly 7 days from now as you prepare to take in Boise State at Washington.  Will you be home with friends?  At the game tailgating?  Camping and checking in via whatever cell signal you can find?  Working and following along on Anthony's open thread?  Home and visitor fans alike - we want to know what you'll be doing in the pre-game hours one week from today.

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