The Opening - Parsing the SPARQ Results

Bud Elliott

All of The Opening participants were measured and tested today as part of the Nike camp's SPARQ rating system - how did the UW targets do?

One of the benefits of a big-time camp like The Opening is that true measurements of recruits takes place, and recruitniks (like myself) get some actual data to analyze. It's common knowledge that recruits love to exaggerate their numbers to their benefit - every WR, DB and RB will tell you they run under a 4.5 forty time (and they'll usually tell you they are in the 4.3 range; every lineman will add an inch or two to their height; every LB will inflate their bench press numbers.

But thanks to the excellent coverage of The Opening by SBN's own Bud Elliott, Wescott Eberts and Rodger Sherman, we have recruiting experts on hand to provide their own analysis, and we have the cold hard numbers from the SPARQ testing today.

Let's take a look at how the Husky targets and commits did:

First Last Year Pos (ft in) (lb) 40 Shuttle Powerball Vertical SPARQ Rtg
Jamal Adams 2014 DB 6-0.0 204 4.48 4.23 40 34 117.63
Joey Alfieri 2014 LB 6-2.0 230 4.68 4.06 42 35.1 131.28
Budda Baker 2014 DB 5-9.0 174 4.51 4.15 38 35 110.94
Derek Barnett 2014 DL 6-2.5 274 4.96 4.24 40 29.3 109.92
Chase Blakley 2014 DB 6-4.5 241 5.18 4.61 36.5 25.2 70.92
Erik Brown 2014 WR 6-0.5 172 4.62 0 33 0 0
D.J. Calhoun 2014 LB 5-11.5 200 4.66 4.36 39.5 30.9 98.82
Kevin Crosby 2014 TE 6-0.5 235 4.88 4.38 40 34.9 108.18
Kammy Delp 2014 OL 6-2.5 328 5.55 4.92 42.5 22.2 89.13
Adoree' Jackson 2014 DB 5-9.5 182 4.44 4.09 39 36.6 122.7
Toa Lobendahn 2014 OL 6-3.0 293 5.41 4.71 40.5 25.6 87.66
Jonathan Lockett 2014 DB 5-11.0 168 4.55 4.13 40.5 31.2 109.8
Tyler Luatua 2014 TE 6-3.0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Damien Mama 2014 OL 6-4.0 370 5.97 4.84 48 21.6 93.66
Raekwon Mc Millan 2014 LB 6-1.5 243 4.79 4.15 35 36.3 114.06
Joe Mixon 2014 RB 6-1.0 209 4.53 4.19 36 31.3 105.33
Henry Mondeaux 2014 TE 6-5.0 252 5.09 4.35 42 31.3 106.14
Adarius Pickett 2014 DB 5-11.0 186 4.62 4.18 31 31.1 88.8
John Plattenburg 2014 DB 5-10.0 179 4.62 4.35 37 35 97.77
Michiah Quick 2014 WR 5-11.0 176 4.5 4.07 33 33.3 102.63
Cameron Robinson 2014 OL 6-5.0 330 5.27 4.87 41 27.3 97.5
Dalton Schultz 2014 TE 6-5.5 235 4.91 4.5 40 30.6 94.29
Juju Smith 2014 WR 6-1.0 206 4.71 4.27 34.5 32.7 94.35
Arrion Springs 2014 DB 5-11.5 195 4.44 4.13 35.5 35.8 116.01
Viane Talamaivao 2014 OL 6-2.0 330 5.61 0 41 0 0
Ainuu Taua 2014 DL 5-11.5 271 5.14 4.92 36 31 82.23

Just to refresh, the current Husky commits from that list are TE Chase Blakely and DB Jonathan Lockett. WR Erik Brown is expected to announce his decision tomorrow or Wednesday, and it's widely believed he'll choose Washington. DB John Plattenburg has decided to delay his decision for a few weeks, but the Huskies are one of his favorites. Of the rest, the Huskies have good shots with DB Budda Baker, OL Kammy Delp, RB Joe Mixon and DT Ainu'u Taua.

Of the 146 players that underwent full testing, Baker and Lockett did the best of the above list, coming in #43 & #48 respectively. Mixon was in the top half at #61, and Plattenburg nearly so at #81.

Blakely shows good size at TE, measuring in at 6'4.5" and 241 lbs; Brown measured in a hair above 6; Lockett still has a bit of filling out to do, weighing in at 168 lbs. Taua is a low-center-of-gravity bowling ball, coming in at 5'11.5" and 271 lbs. Mama is probably a longshot for the Huskies, but man - he's a monster out there, coming in at 6'4", 370 lbs.

The forty times are always fun to look at from controlled, electronically timed events like these. Of the 152 kids that ran, only 3 registered in the 4.3 range, and 16 in the 4.4 range. The fastest of the likely Husky targets were Baker at 4.51 (25th fastest), Mixon at 4.53 (36th) and Lockett at 4.55 (38th).

The vertical leap is a strong indicator of explosiveness, and Baker and Plattenburg led likely Husky targets with jumps of 35", which placed them tied for 45th. Also worth noting that Taua - at 271 lbs - cleared 31" (tied for 93rd), just a hair behind Mixon (31.3") and Lockett (31.2").

Of course, the measurements only go so far in telling you how good a kid is - you have to see them in action. Here's a few selected bits of analysis from the day.

From 247sports, their top performers:

Defensive line

3. Ainuu Taua, DT, Lompoc (Calif.) Lompoc – At under 6-feet tall, Taua always has something to prove at elite events but he left no doubt that he belongs on Monday. He was extremely quick and physical getting to the backfield and will only get better when the pads come on.

Wide receiver

2. Chase Blakley, TE, Coeur D’Alene (Idaho) High School – Maybe the most sure hands at the entire event, Blakely caught every ball he touched and despite a big body, really moved and changed directions with ease.

Defensive backs

4. Jonathan Lockett, CB, Santa Ana (Calif.) Mater Dei – A recent Washington commit, Lockett was quick out of his backpedal and drives on the football with authority. He was very competitive and though he doesn’t test through the roof, he is a big-time player where it counts.

From the Twitterverse:

In case you missed the link on the front page, here's the homepage for all of SBN's Opening coverage:

The Opening 2013

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