Dot...Dot...Dawg (4/11/2013)

MLB John Timu puts the "student" into "student-athlete" - Otto Greule Jr

Some tasty dots to chase away the rainy PNW blues.

I'll be taking these Huggies and uh, whatever dots ya got.

  • A lot of great profiles of Husky football players of late - first up from the Daily is this one on OT Ben Riva who wants to return the Dawgs to the national powerhouse he remembers rooting for as a kid.
  • Next is the first two great profiles from Greg Bell at, this one taking a look at OL Erik Kohler and how he combined his love of surfing with rehabbing his knee. The article also goes into much more detail about the extent of his injury than was previously known.
  • Last up in the profiles is the best of the bunch as Bell writes about MLB John Timu winning the prestigious Brett E. Baldwin Memorial Scholarship for Anthropology. Stories like Timu's are the antidote to the many negative stories about college sports and helps answer the question of why Universities grant athletic scholarships - here is a prime example of a kid taking full advantage of his educational opportunity to better himself and become a role model for others.
  • As we get closer to the NFL draft our own Desmond Trufant continues to be on the radar for many teams as a 1st round pick. The SBN New York Giant site Big Blue View looks at the film and compares Trufant with the other top CB prospect in the draft Xavier Rhodes, and concludes that, while Rhodes might have the higher upside, Trufant is the better choice for the Giants.
  • Also on the SB Network, yours truly was tapped by the Dolphins site The Phinsider for a scouting report on Trufant, which you can read here.
  • Gekko's favorite writer Kevin Gemmell notes that RB Bishop Sankey flew under the radar last year in the Pac-12 as Ka'Deem Carey, Kenjon Barner & Johnathan Franklin all had monster seasons, but expects that Sankey will get noticed more this year. I'm sure Gemmell's Cardinal noticed him plenty last year when he went 61 yards for a TD on a 4th & 1 play on his way to 144 yards for the game.
  • Athlons has been publishing a number of lists lately, and fresh off of ranking Steve Sarkisian as the 7th best coach in the Pac-12, this week they slot him in at #45 overall in the country.
  • The controversy surrounding former Rutgers basketball coach Mike Rice didn't escape the notice of Husky football players, and Todd Dybas collected some of their thoughts on Rice and his coaching methods.
  • In basketball news, Percy Allen gives a detailed rundown of the upcoming Portsmouth Invitational rosters and the strange bedfellows it makes as former Pac-12 rivals become teammates in this important pre-draft showcase.
  • In his latest Action/Reaction piece, Jon Wilner dives into the meanings of the independent review of the Pac-12 officiating program ordered up by the CEO executive committee and how it reflects on Larry Scott.

Question for the day: Larry Scott has had a major impact on the conference since his hiring, both for the good (expansion, huge new TV deals, launching the Pac-12 Networks) and not so good (distribution issues with the P12N, ref-gate); at this point in time, how would you rate the job he's done as Pac-12 Commissioner?

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