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Sean Constantine Is A Husky - 4 Star ILB

Sean Constantine, Inside Linebacker

Height: 6-3

Weight: 220

Rankings: 31 Scout 3* / 15 Rivals 4* / 26 (247) 3*

Offer Sheet: Arizona, Colorado, Oregon, Oregon State, UCLA


Sean Constantine has been described as a tackling machine. When you're playing a team like Stanford every year who wants to pound the rock in your face, that's exactly the kind of player you need. However, Constantine also has the mobility and lateral movement to play on the edge if need be and occupy the space against the Oregon's and Washington State's of the world. Also importantly, he was a three year starter for what is arguably the best high school program in the country, so you're getting a kid who is not only talented, but a proven winner.

Constantine is joining a UW linebacking corps that is young and loaded (Shaq Thompson, Travis Feeney and John Timu aren't going anywhere or getting unseated any time soon), so he'll be able to redshirt, get acclimated to college and get his body Pac-12 ready. We'll likely see him on special teams in 2014 and competing for the right to replace John Timu as the middle thumper in 2015.


Jermaine Kelly Is A Husky - 4 Star CB

Jermaine Kelly, Corner

Height: 6-2

Weight: 185

Rankings: 16 Scout 4* / 20 Rivals 4* / 18 (247) 4*

Offer sheet: Arizona, Arizona State, Boise State, Cal, Oregon, UCLA


It's hard to watch Jermaine Kelly's highlights and not wonder why he wasn't a more national type recruit. I don't know why every program in the country wasn't in on this kid. He has the length at corner that's become so desired by everyone, and the speed and athleticism to be able to man up to the elite skill players in the Pac-12. From Greg Biggins:

For me, and I've said this a few times today, he has more upside than any other corner in the West. I like Priest Willis a lot but I think Kelly is a better natural athlete, more flexible in his hips, better top end speed. He's a great looking WR prospect too, could easily play on that side of the ball if needed

It's unlikely that Kelly redshirts as a freshman - he's simply too talented to keep off the field. He'll compete for the starting spot opposite Marcus Peters, and will be a big factor in the return game. He routinely took it to the house when the ball made its way into his hands on kickoffs and punts. Kelly could have also been a 4* caliber recruit at WR so if he can pick up the speed and physicality of division one football he could quickly be the kind of secondary player who locks down his side of the field and terrifies opposing QB's with his ball skills.

Senior year highlights:


Keishawn Bierria Is A Husky - 3 Star OLB

Keishawn Bierria, Outside Linebacker

Height: 6-1

Weight: 210

Rankings: 46 Scout 3* / NR Rivals 3* / 57 (247) 3*

Offer sheet: Arizona, Arizona State, Cal, Colorado, Oregon State, Iowa State


Bierria is a guy that the Huskies offered late in the cycle, but were in on him all along the way. When some of the bigger fish fell by the wayside, the Dawgs pounced on him, and he nearly committed on the spot when they did. He was rumored to be basically in the bag after he returned from his official visit to Montlake last weekend, and that rumor seems true now.

Because he was a late offer doesn't mean he's not a Pac-12 quality player; a lot of teams wanted him with good reason. The kid can play. He's got really good speed and covers a lot of ground for an outside backer, and with continued development will be a nice space defender against the spread teams of the Pac-12.

Junior highlights


Lavon Coleman Is A Husky - 4 Star RB

Lavon Coleman, Runningback

Height: 5-11

Weight: 210

Rankings: 30 Scout 4* / 44 Rivals 3* / 49 (247) 3*

Offer sheet: Arizona, Boise State, Oregon State, UCLA


Coleman is the kind of big, bruising, between the tackles back Washington has not seen since Chris Polk. Alright, I guess it hasn't been too long, but this kid conjures memories of Husky running backs of old with his style and the school from which he hails. The last Husky back to come out of Lompoc was some dude named Napoleon Kaufman. He's not the kind of back that Nip was though, that's where he takes after Polk. He's an every down back who will wear down defenses and get chunks and chunks until the defense is work down.

The Huskies were able to get in on Coleman before everybody else, secure his commitment and then hang onto him for the whole way with only a minor hiccup at the end. The Husky backfield will be interesting to see. There are a lot of bodies there, but behind Sankey there are nothing but question marks. Coleman could easily crack the depth chart, or if some of the other guys really come on in the offseason and fill their roles, he could be a no brainer to redshirt.


Patrick Enewally Is A Husky - 3 Star S, Gahr HS CA

Patrick Enewally, Saftey

Height: 6-2

Weight: 190

Rankings: 39 Scout 3* / NR Rivals 3* / 58 (247) 3*

Offer sheet: Arizona, Boise State, Cal, Colorado, UCLA, Vanderbilt


Connor O'Brien Is A Husky - 3 Star OLB

Connor O'Brien, Outside Linebacker

Height: 6-3

Weight: 205

Rankings: 34 Scout 3* / 30 Rivals 3* / 41 (247) 3*

Offer sheet: Arizona State, Cal, Colorado, Oregon, Oregon State


Stop me if you've heard this one before: Justin Wilcox is taking a safety and moving him down into the box to be an outside linebacker. That's the plan with O'Brien, and he'll follow in the footsteps of some pretty successful UW players to make that move in Vic Aiyewa and Travis Feeney. O'Brien fits the mold pretty perfectly: he's got the speed and range to play in space that is necessary to compete with the spread teams in the conference, but also the frame and strength to be able to anchor against the more traditional offenses. Nobody sees as wide an array of offenses like they do in the Pac-12, and players with versatility like O'Brien has are a must to deal with it.

You'll see the depth that Steve Sarkisian and staff has built up take effect when you watch Connor's development. He won't be required to play early, and will be able to develop and acclimate to the game before thrust into the spotlight. He'll redshirt and get his body Pac-12 ready, and may even have a few years to do that because the outside backers could be around for 3 more years depending on how long Shaq sticks around. We may not see O'Brien competing for a regular starting spot until 2016, but he'll get special teams work and may fill in when injuries hit or become part of a rotation.

Junior highlights


Dane Crane Is A Husky - 3 Star C

Dane Crane, Center

Height: 6-3

Weight: 300

Rankings: 3 Scout 3* / 7 Rivals 3* / 7 (247) 4*

Offer sheet: Arizona, Cal, Colorado, Florida State


Dane Crane was criminally underrated. For whatever reason, centers tend to get very little attention from the recruiting services. Part of that is that typically elite high school lineman will play the more critical positions at tackle, and another part is that it's not nearly as sexy a position as the other linemen. And with Crane, because he committed early and there was never any doubt that he would become a Husky once he did, he continued to be overlooked. Had he not been so solid to UW for so long, he likely would have had offers from all over the place and shot up the rankings.

For all you "all beef all the time" people, this is your guy. He's the future anchor of the line. He's already big and nasty and only going to get bigger and nastier. In all star practices, Crane was the only player who could match Elijah Qualls' quickness and strength in one on ones. Watch how he pancakes his foe on basically every play in his highlight reel. The kid has "it", that attitude you want to see from your offensive linemen.

There will always be complaints about OL recruiting, but don't do that here or with this kid. He's a rock.

Junior year highlights:


Kevin King Is A Husky - 3 Star CB

Kevin King, Corner

Height: 6-3

Weight: 175

Rankings: 50 Scout 3* / 55 Rivals 3* / 20 (247) 4*

Offer sheet: Arizona State, Cal, Colorado, Utah, Washington State, West Virginia


King has the ideal height that Steve Sarkisian and his staff are looking for on defense. At 6-3, he has the length to really cut down on passing lanes and be a real pain to try to throw over. He's also got great ball skills, which makes King's ceiling astronomically high. He really needs to get in the weight room though, or Pac-12 receivers are going to physical the snot out of him and his length and ball skills won't matter a whole lot.

With Tre Watson, Greg Ducre and Marcus Peters and Travell Dixon on the roster, King won't be counted on to contribute right away, which is great because of his aforementioned need for some time with Ivan. He claims that he'll be 190 by the time he gets to campus, and wants to get in the 200-205 range after a year or two in the weight program, and if he does that and maintains his mobility and flexibilty that would be fantastic.

Senior year highlights


Andrew Basham Is A Husky - 3 Star DT

Andrew Basham, Defensive Tackle

Height: 6-4

Weight: 305

Rankings: 51 Scout 3* / NR Rivals 3* / 83 (247) 3*

Offer sheet: Arizona State, Oregon State


Basham has the physical tools to become a monster down the road. At his size he has phenomenal flexibility and athleticism. With the other defensive line prospects the Huskies are bringing in, Basham may get crowded out and worst have to move to the offensive line, but in either case Coach Sark and staff are getting a great athlete to mold. They don't make a lot of guys who move like Basham does at his size.

He has some work to do in the classroom to make it into school, but if he does he'll be a project worth keeping an eye on. Down the road he could be a real impact player for this program on one side of the ball or the other. He's working to get in, and let's hope he does.

Junior highlights


Damore'ea Stringfellow Is A Husky - 4 Star WR

Damore'ea Stringfellow, Wide Receiver

Height: 6-3

Weight: 215

Rankings: 11 Scout 4* / NR Rivals 4* / 12 (247) 4*

Offer Sheet: Florida, Michigan, Nebraska, Notre Dame, Ohio State, USC


Stringfellow's offer sheet tells you everything you need to know about how good a player he is. He could have gone to any school in the country, and as the top pass catcher on the west coast he chose to come to UW. This is a monster get.

Stringfellow is the kind of tall, big bodied, possession receiver that Washington has not seen since Reggie Williams. He's so massive and strong that he can use his strength to get open and shield himself from defenders, and there aren't many corners than can match him in that regard. He'll have the opportunity to come in and compete for playing time right off the bat with UW in search of compliments to Kasen Williams. It would be something of a surprise if he were to redshirt considering the need that there is at wideout. There's a lot of young depth at the position, but Demore'ea has enough talent to come in and hang tough with every wideout on the roster, and it wouldn't be a complete shock if he earned the #2 or #3 starting spot when this team faces off against Boise State.

The knock of String is that he doesn't have elite speed, but in the college game you don't really need elite speed to be an elite receiver. He makes up for it with his strength (and by no means is he slow), and is much like Kasen Williams in that once he has the ball in space he's a nightmare for smaller defenders to bring down 1 on 1.

Junior year highlights:


Joe Mathis Is A Husky - 4 Star DE

Joe Mathis, Defensive End

Height: 6-4

Weight: 255

Rankings: 16 Scout 4* / 12 Rivals 4* / 19 (247) 4*

Offer Sheet: Alabama, Auburn, Miami, Michigan, Nebraska, Notre Dame, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Tennessee, UCLA, USC


At long last, Jojo Mathis is a Husky. He originally committed back in 2011, but backed off of that to go through the process and weigh his options. He correctly came to the realization that Washington was the best place for him. If the offer sheet is to be believed, then wow. You know a kid is talented when you're getting an Army All American, but when a kid has the opportunity to play for Alabama or Michigan or Oklahoma or pretty much anywhere he wants to, it speaks volumes about this recruiting staff that he declined the advances of those other schools.

The interesting thing to watch about Mathis will be where he ends up playing. He's already got the size to walk into practice and compete with UW's current defensive ends, but if he gets into a college weight room and puts on some mass he could very easily move inside or become a hybrid inside/outside guy (and we know how Justin Wilcox loves those types of players). Furthermore, Alabama was reportedly recruiting him to play inside linebacker, so maybe the coaching staff takes note of that and tries him there. Alabama's doing something (everything) right, so taking some ideas from them couldn't hurt.

Senior year highlights:


Coleman Shelton Is A Husky - 3 Star OT

Coleman Shelton, Offensive Tackle

Height: 6-4

Weight: 280

Rankings: NR Scout 2* / NR Rivals 3* / NR (247)

Offer sheet: Colorado, Nevada


Shelton is a player with a good body, good feet and good technique, and you wonder how everyone missed on him for so long. He didn't get a lot of publicity until after his senior year when his last bit of tape started making the rounds, but when it did the coaches who saw it noticed a different player than they had seen before. The UW staff jumped on him and were rewarded with his commitment this past weekend.

Had this young man come on in say his sophomore year like he did in his senior year he'd have likely been a 3 to high 3 star player by all the recruiting services. As it is, the Huskies benefit and get a nice prospect for the future of their offensive line.

Senior highlights


Cameron Van Winkle Is A Husky - 3 Star K

Cameron Van Winkle, Kicker

Height: 5-11

Weight: 165

Rankings: 5 Scout 3* / 8 Rivals 3* / 9 (247) 3*

Offer sheet: Washington State


Kickers, especially college kickers, are the great unknown. You can think you've got a great one, and watch him miss the ones that count, or a guy who shanks a PAT will nail a game winner. So it's hard to know exactly what kind of kicker Van Winkle will turn into. He was consistent in high school and made some clutch kicks as well, but in high school they do their placekicking off of tees. In college they don't get that luxury. When you have a kicker this highly rated in your backyard, you need to get him on campus though, and see what he turns into. He's very highly spoken of by the kicking gurus out there, so there's reason to be optimistic.

Van Winkle joins a crowded kicking crew, becoming the 3rd scholarship specialist on the roster. In an ideal world he'd redshirt and take over for Travis Coons after he graduates, but if he's the best kicker on the roster then he'll be doing the kicking. It's not a position where you mess around or play favorites with older guys, because the wrong choice will cost you games.

Here he is knocking in some kicks and kickoffs


David Ajamu Is A Husky - 3 Star TE

David Ajamu, Tight End

Height: 6-5

Weight: 240

Rankings: 64 Scout 3* / NR Rivals 3* / 60 (247) 3*

Offer sheet: Nevada, Oregon State


With UW's 3 current TE's on the roster all entering their junior seasons, this was a must-get for this recruiting class. Ajamu was orignially an Oregon State commit, but once the hometown team offered him a scholarship the Beavers didn't stand a chance and he pretty much switched allegiances immediately. Flipping a kid from Oregon State is always nice because OSU has the reputation of being able to find unheralded guys and turn them into really nice players.

Ajamu has the body and physical tools to become a featured player in Steve Sarkisian's offense down the road. He'll be able to come in and learn from one of the best to ever play the position at the collegiate level in Austin Seferian-Jenkins, then likely tag team with Michael Hartvigson after ASJ leaves for the NFL following his requisite 3 years in college football.

Junior highlights


Darrell Daniels Is A Husky - 4 Star WR

Darrell Daniels, Wide Receiver

Height: 6-3

Weight: 205

Rankings: 20 Scout 4* / 34 Rivals 4* / 13 (247) 4*

Offer sheet: Arkansas, Auburn, Cal, Michigan, Nebraska, Notre Dame, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, UCLA, USC


Daniels is the ideal kind of player you recruit. Everyone wanted him, he committed early, was solid all the way through (he didn't even visit other programs), proved himself his senior year, then put his name on the line on signing day. If they were all like Darrell Daniels, nobody would ever have to pay a dime for recruiting information.

Of the studs that the Huskies have brought in at WR this season, Daniels might have the highest ceiling. He's got a big frame already, and after some time in the weight room he should be a pretty intimidating for for defensive backs. He's also a 100 meter guy, and posted some pretty respectable times as a junior. He's raw, and still has some learning to do to get the nuances of the position down (he's behind the other WR signees in that respect) but once he does he has the potential to be as good as any pass catcher in all of the 2013 class.

Junior year highlights:

Senior year highlights:


Andrew Kirkland Is A Husky - 3 Star OL

Andrew Kirkland, Offensive Line

Height: 6-5

Weight: 290

Rankings: 37 Scout 3* / NR Rivals 3* / 102 (247) 2*

Offer sheet: Arizona State, Colorado, Oregon State, Utah


You can't teach size, and Kirkland has that in spades. He's already the size of a Pac-12 lineman, and for a guy his size he's alarmingly quick off the ball and athletic in open space. He does a good job of not only dominating guys at the line of scrimmage, but also getting to the second level to help really open things up for big runs.

The Huskies have not done well with players out of Oregon of late - the only current player on the roster from there is Atoe -- but Kirkland is looking to buck that trend. He played tackle at Jesuit, but figures to move in to guard at Washington. With the Huskies being all youth along the offensive line, Kirkland will be able to come in and redshirt and work on his technique with coach Coz.

Here's the recruiting video that was put together for him


John Ross Is A Husky - 4 Star WR

John Ross, Wide Receiver

Height: 5-10

Weight: 170

Rankings: 15 Scout 4* / 63 Rivals 3* / 58 (247) 3*

Offer sheet: Arizona, Arizona State, Miami, Michigan, Nebraska, Oregon, UCLA


Ross picked UW's hat at the Semper Fidelis All American Bowl, and in doing so he added to what was already one of the deepest, most talented WR class in the nation for 2013. He had offers from some pretty big hitters, but opted to stay on the West Coast and play where he felt he was at home. Ross come from Jordan High School, which is quickly becoming something of a UW pipeline school, with John Timu, Princeton Fuimaono and Siosifa Tufunga committing in the past, while 2014 4 star WR Rahshead Johnson has already verballed to Steve Sarkisian and his staff.

Ross is a shifty and fast player, who does his damage in space. He compares a lot coming out of high school to Jaydon Mickens, though Ross might be a slightly better prospect. He's a slot type receiver, who'll get chances to work up the seams and get the ball on bubble screens and fly sweeps. He's played runningback in the past as well, so lining him up back there on passing situations or motioning him back for versatility might be options as well. Expect Ross to get a look returning punts and kicks as well, because a player with his combination of speed and elusiveness is perfect in that role.

Junior year highlights:


Azeem Victor Is A Husky - 3 Star OLB

Azeem Victor, Outside Linebacker

Height: 6-4

Weight: 220

Rankings: 66 Scout 3* / 59 Rivals 3* / 81 (247) 3*

Offer sheet: Colorado State, Fresno State, Hawaii, Houston, Nevada, San Diego State


In the modern era of football, multiplicity on defense is a necessity. Having guys who can do many things and play more than one position is a must to deal with the differences that you'll see from game to game, or even play to play. Azeem Victor fits into that mold, as he played all the linebacker positions in high school as well as defensive end. He's got the versatility to move around in Justin Wilcox's defense, but his eventual landing spot looks to be as a middle linebacker.

Victor is in line with what the defensive staff wants on defense. A long athletic player who can really close space on opposing offenses. If a lot of the guys from this class pan out, the starting defense is going to be averaging like 6-4 across the board in a few years.

Though his offer sheet doesn't look very impressive, he was a guy that many programs were hard charging after late in the cycle once they got a look at his senior film. He's a player with a lot to learn, but big upside. Peter Sirmon and Justin Wilcox are happy to get their hands on him.

Highlights here


Elijah Qualls Is A Husky - 4 Star Defensive Tackle

Elijah Qualls, Defensive Tackle

Height: 6-2

Weight: 280

Rankings: 11 Scout 4* / 23 Rivals 4* / 8 (247) 4*

Offer Sheet: Arkansas, Boise State, Cal, Michigan, Nebraska, UCLA, USC


In the last 7 months or so, there haven't been many bigger ambassadors for the University of Washington than Elijah Qualls. He was the ringleader who orchestrated the monster haul back in June when eight players, many very high profile, all committed to play football at UW. It was thought to be the biggest group commit many recruiting experts had ever seen. Though some of those players fell by the wayside, that day set the tone for this class and is the biggest reason that it is so highly rated.

Qualls hasn't ever really been a defensive tackle. He was a defensive end and fullback in high school. But during camps and All America game practices when he was put at defensive tackle, he was as good as any other player at the position. At times, he was unblockable. For a man his size, he has all the strength that you'd hope for and expect, but what puts him over the edge is his agility. He is alarmingly nimble for his size and can out-quick just about any player he matches up against. Once Tosh Lupoi teaches him some techniques and he learns the position a bit, he could easily become an All Conference talent.

A Northern California defensive line commit? Wonder who was responsible for getting him in the boat.

Junior year highlights:


Marcus Farria Is A Husky - 3 Star DE

Marcus Farria, Defensive End

Height: 6-4

Weight: 230

Rankings: 44 Scout 3* / 23 Rivals 3* / 12 (247) 4*

Offer sheet: Arizona, Arizona State, Arkansas, Colorado, Notre Dame, Oregon State


If you listen to the chatter about Marcus Farria, your head will spin in circles. He's a 3 star recruit, but some people are saying that he may be the best player coming out of Arizona this year. And Arizona has some pretty big hitters coming out of there this year. So what's the deal? Well some say there may be eligibility concerns about him, but even still, you should rank a player by his skills and not what he does off the field. And based on his on-field credentials, Farria might be not only the most underrated player west of Texas, but one of the top players on the West Coast, period.

Farria has the raw skills to come in and compete for playing time immediately; the problem he's going to run into is not just that UW has returning depth on the edge of their defensive line, but also that there are are some other players on the defensive line coming in with him that he'll have to contend with. Either way, it's a plus for the Huskies: if he plays its not out of need, it's because he's a special talent, while if he doesn't it's likely because the guys ahead of him are simply ahead of him and he'll get the time in the weight room and on the scout team that he needs.

Some highlights


Signing Day Predictions

Robinson Twins:

Kirk: Call it a hunch, call it optimism - I think these are the guys that the UW flips on Signing Day. The UW had always been strong players for the pair, and they never stopped recruiting them even after they committed to Oregon. When Kelly left and they opened things up, Tosh & Co. pounced. I think LoRo might be the secret weapon here to pry them away from the Ducks. UW's chances (out of 2 finalists): 60%

Cassino: I've got a good feeling about them as well. You can never discount the affects of one coaching staff leaving as well as getting the last visit with a recruit. The Huskies have both going in their favor, but I think with the twins sounding to be split on their decision they may ultimately revert to their initial commit and stay with the Ducks. I also think that with many Oregon commits jumping out of their boat that these kids are going to be the top priority for Mark Helfrich right up until the faxes are coming through. 40%

Keishawn Bierria:

Kirk: He's going to pick Washington. He's waiting to Signing Day to say it for sure, but all indications are it's just a formality at this point. UW's chances (out of 2 finalists): 95%

Cassino: That he nearly committed when he was on his visit indicates that the Huskies are in the driver's seat. He probably wanted to go home and talk things over with his family, but for him to choose somewhere else would be a shocker. 95%

Eddie Vanderdoes:

Kirk: I'm going to say Alabama. It's hard to know for sure - many think he won't leave the West Coast and that UCLA is the likely destination, but I think he's going to be swayed by the phenomenal success of the Tide under Saban and the way they physically develop their players. I don't think the UW is out of the picture like Bud Elliott does, and I don't have a strong sense of where he'll go - I wouldn't be shocked if Tosh was able to convince him to pick the UW - but I'm guessing it's a longshot. UW's chances (out of 5 finalists): 15%

Cassino: With the big splash that Sark, Lupoi and Sirmon were able to make last year at this time I'm not going to count them out of anything. I think the Huskies are in this one more than they are being given credit for. UCLA is still the definite favorite, but I think UW is #2 behind them, and a Vanderdoes commit wouldn't be a huge shock to me. 33%

Myles Jack:

Kirk: I think he's going to stick with UCLA. He's under tremendous pressure to stay local, but Washington hasn't been his home for more than a few years and he's been firm with his UCLA commitment since he made it back in June. If he'd been a part of the unofficial visitors list the weekend I'd feel differently, but the word is he wasn't. I think there's still a possibility he flips, but I'm a lot less confident of that than I was a month ago. UW's chances (out of 2 finalists): 20%

Cassino: Jack has been with UCLA all the way, and as much as Washington fans wanted to believe that they'd be able to us the home court advantage to sway him, it never seemed to take. That he didn't come out on an unofficial last weekend was the nail in the coffin for me, and I'd be floored if he actually did end up flipping. 5%

Lavon Coleman:

Kirk: Unless he just doesn't have the grades for the UW, he's a Husky. The trip to Fresno State was either a backup plan if his grades don't turn out, or him taking a trip for fun and out of some obligation because the Bulldog coaches had pursued him for so long. But I don't see them flipping him from an upper-tier Pac-12 school UW's chances (out of 2 finalists): 95%

Cassino: Pac-12 schools don't lose guys they want to non-BCS programs. It just doesn't happen. This is a lead pipe lock. 99%.

Daeshon Hall:

Kirk: This one is a nail-biter, but I think the Huskies hang on to his commitment. He's clearly very enamored of the brand of football played in Texas, and if it's true he visited TCU unofficially this weekend, that's a bad sign. He was also feeling Texas A&M, but reportedly is concerned that they are about to land another stud DE in Torrodney Prevot. In the end I think it'll be too difficult for Hall to break bad news to Tosh, and I believe more of his family resides in Seattle than Texas, but waiting for his LOI will be nerve-wracking. UW's chances (out of 3 finalists): 40%

Cassino: Hall is clearly dealing with some forces pulling at him. Texas A&M is an alluring landing spot for players, especially those already in Texas. That he didn't go to TCU this weekend would seemingly eliminate them from contention, and there's been a lot of chatter about him sticking with the Huskies. I think he will because of his desire to return to where he calls home and to not go back on his initial verbal. 75%

Nico Falah:

Kirk: I think Falah ends up sticking with USC. I thought the UW had a good chance of flipping him, but the news that he & his folks didn't visit unofficially this weekend leaves me a lot less optimistic. He's a kid that has had a lot of fun playing to both fanbases on Twitter and it's almost impossible to get a true read on him from his tweets, but I suspect that his parents win out and he sticks with the Trojans, though I still think the UW has a shot. UW's chances (out of 2 finalists): 33%

Cassino: Who the heck knows with this guy. He loves getting the reactions from the USC and UW fanbases on twitter, and he plays them really well. Him not visiting with his parents would have put me in the lower percentages, except that he's set up an announcement, which is curious. There have been so many rumors swirling about his eventual flip from USC, and sometimes there are truths in those rumors. 60%

Patrick Enewally:

Kirk: I think he'll probably end up at Cal. He's had a very strange recruitment. He's reportedly been a silent commit to both UCLA & UW for long stretches, and both coaching staffs have grown tired of him not making a firm, public commitment. UCLA pulled back a few weeks ago, and the UW did the same this weekend after he failed to keep a promise to commit on Ruth's podcast show. Cal is likely the recipient of his indecisiveness, though their coaching staff too has reportedly been frustrated by him. It's not out of the realm of possibility that the UW reaches out to him again one last time, but I'm guessing they'll hold firm. He's talented, but might not have the best head on his shoulders. UW's chances (out of 2 finalists): 20%

Cassino: I'd put him at Cal as well. I think that with how well the visit with the Robinson twins went the coaching staff is probably done with the Enewally circus. With space in the class getting as tight as it is and already having Trevor Walker in class it doesn't seem worth it to spend the effort on him when it could be used elsewhere. 10%

Weight in with your predictions in the comments.

Trevor Walker Is A Husky - 3 Star S

Trevor Walker, Safety

Height: 6-1

Weight: 185

Rankings: 62 Scout 3* / NR Rivals 3* / 57 (247) 3*

Offer Sheet: Arizona, Arizona State, Boise State, Iowa, Kansas State, Ole Miss, Oklahoma State, Vanderbilt


Walker is a onetime WSU commit, whose recruiting blew up after he made the poor decision to become a Cougar. But, being given a second chance, he righted his wrong when schools from all over the country came knocking at his door. Though the recruiting services didn't give him the highest of marks, he has a pretty nice offer sheet from all around the country. That the Huskies were able to beat out SEC and Big 12 schools for a Texas kid is a nice feather in the cap.

Walker is being tabbed as an in-the-box safety right now, as he was at his most disruptive when he was at the line of scrimmage making plays in run support. If he can improve his coverage skills to go along with his hard nosed style of defense, he could become a really good player for the Huskies in the not too far future, as guys like Sean Parker and Will Shamburger will be departing, leaving the door open for much competition in Walker's second year on campus.

Walker, like Troy Williams, has already enrolled at UW and started classes.

Junior year highlights:


Weekend Recruiting Wrap Up

The biggest news coming out of the weekend is what we can confirm: Coleman Shelton has committed, and will sign with the Huskies on Wednesday. He' an under the radar offensive tackle who looks really impressive. Most are not sure how he went under the radar for so long, because his highlights are really good, but whatever the reason may be the Huskies were the beneficiaries and that's fine with me, as I'm sure it is with the Dawg Pound.

Tyrell and Tyree Robinson are reported to have had a good trip this weekend, and it was enough to make them reconsider their Oregon verbals. The word has always been that one of them likes UW more than the other, and that may not have changed, but it's a good job by the staff to make these kids think it over for the next few days. Oregon is still probably the favorite here, but the odds went from something like 90/10 to 60/40. They've been thought of to be a package deal, but if one really loves Washington and the other Oregon... weirder things have happened than them deciding to part, though that would be a pretty sizable curveball.

Kieshawn Bierria's visit also went very well. He was offered the scholarship he's been waiting on, and will be a signing day decision. At this point the Huskies are the heavy favorite, and it will be pretty surprising if he heads somewhere else.

The unoffical visits that the staff was counting on didn't go as well as hoped though. Neither Myles Jack or Nico Falah made it to campus. Logic would dictate that in Jack's case that means he's gone. If he really wanted to be a Husky, he could have made that short drive to campus this weekend. In Falah's case it's a little different being that he's in Southern California. Falah has been throwing smoke all throughout the process, so we won't know about him until signing day.

Lavon Coleman took his official to Fresno State this weekend and will now be a signing day decision. Not what you want to hear about a kid who has been committed for so long, but when all is said and done he should be in the purple and the gold. Not a lot of kids choose to play for Fresno State when they have Pac-12 offers.

Daeshon Hall apparently did not take a visit visit to TCU this weekend, and was said to be leaning to perhaps signing with Texas A&M on Wednesday, but rumors have started to swirl about Torrodney Prevot, another Houston DE, switching his commitment from USC to A&M, which caused Hall to want to stick with the Huskies. Many experts think he'll stay with the Dawgs, but this is certainly one to keep an eye on.

Reuben Foster is supposed to be committing today at 7 PM, but the Huskies are not expected to be his landing spot. I've heard he's heading to Auburn, but with as many flips and flops as he's had on the way none of the SEC schools he's looking at would surprise me.

Eddie Vanderdoes is going to make everybody sweat out his commitment, as he will not announce his intentions until Wednesday evening, around 5 PM. The Huskies are right in the thick of his recruitment though, and could make a big splash late in the day.


Troy Williams Is A Husky - 4 Star QB

Troy Williams, Quarterback

Height: 6-2

Weight: 190

Rankings: 10 Scout 4* / 1 Rivals 4* / 9 (247) 4*

Offer sheet: Arizona, Arizona State, Auburn, Florida, UCLA, Wisconsin


Troy is the prototype for the quarterbacks Steve Sarkisian is looking for. He's a pocket QB with the wheels to make a play happen and keep all the spread/option/read stuff in the playbook that seems to be growing more and more as the years go by. Interestingly, Rivals lists him a mobile quarterback, while 247 has him a pocket guy, which I think just reinforces the point about the diversity of his abilities.

You need a quarterback in every class, and this year the Huskies got a really good one, and I'm not sure they could have realistically done a whole lot better. People will say they could have gotten Max Browne, but he's something of a statue in the pocket, and while he'll probably excel at USC, he's not what the Washington staff is looking for.

He has been praised widely as a leader, and has demonstrated this by leading his class in college credits earned, as he has already begun classes at UW.

Junior year highlights:

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