The good, the bad & the unknown: Washington State

Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

The best part about winning the Apple Cup... quieting the Coug fans.

The Good

Bishop Sankey - It couldn't have been bigger day for Sankey as he broke two huge records, ran for 200 yards and a touchdown and had a huge 40-yard reception on a screen pass. Oh... and he did it against the Cougars whom he spurned in his recruitment and who held him to one of his worst games as a starter in last year's Apple Cup.

Defensive pressure - The Huskies got after Connor Halliday, especially in the second half and sacked him five times. Even when they didn't sack him, the Huskies regularly kept Halliday out of the pocket and kept him moving. This was especially good considering getting pressure on Halliday might have been the biggest key of the game for the Huskies. Extra props go to Hau'oli Kikaha, who had a monster game with 11 tackles and two sacks, capping off an excellent season for the junior from Hawaii.

Quieting the Cougs - Coming in riding high and confident, a second-straight win in the Apple Cup, and a third-straight overall win could have been a catalyst for a ton of Cougar momentum going into a bowl game that would have been guaranteed with a win. The Huskies' win does a lot for holding the Cougs, and the volume of their fans down, and they now may get shut out of a bowl, though I don't see that happening.

The Bad

Penalties - Well, it seems like these are never going to go away, as the Huskies finished with seven penalties for 72 yards. Even though a lot of these were incidental where 50 percent of the time they don't get called, like the pass interference calls and Timu's personal foul, the sheer number of them was still alarming.

Keith Price's turnovers - It was a rough first half for Price for the most part, highlighted by two turnovers. Price's fumble sparked the Cougars at midfield, and was easily avoidable by realizing where he was on the field and where defenders were, and his interception stalled a drive deep down field, though it looked like Austin Seferian-Jenkins didn't make a great effort on the play, so not all the blame is on him.

Dropped interceptions - Obviously linebackers aren't known for their sticky hands, but Shaq Thompson and Travis Feeney each dropped gifts given to them by Halliday that could have put the game in the hands of the Huskies much earlier. The Huskies were able to take advantage of Halliday's generosity later in the game to seal it, but they easily could have picked him off four or five times if defenders would have been able to hold on.

The Unknown

Steve Sarkisian's exit - I usually try to keep this column to focusing on the games, but Sarkisian's exit to USC is obviously a big unknown heading into the bowl game. Who will coach? What assistants will even still be around? How will the team react? There are way too many unknowns to list just from this alone.

Bowl destination - I think the Huskies confirmed that they are going to the Fight Hunger Bowl with the win, but it's not written in stone yet. There is a very small possibility that two Pac-12 teams could get into BCS bowls and slide the Huskies up, or something strange could happen and slide them up or down.

Last games? Saturday was for sure the last game of all the seniors, but it very well could have been the last for three talented juniors - Bishop Sankey, Austin Seferian-Jenkins and Danny Shelton. Which of these guys, if any, will we see play in Husky Stadium again, especially with Sark leaving.

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