Featured Fanpost: Spencer Hawes- Best NBA Season Yet

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Spencer Hawes

November 26, 2013

By: Erik Schmidt

Seattle Prep and University of Washington Alumni Spencer Hawes is quietly having his best season in the NBA. The 7'0", Philadelphia 76er Center, and six year veteran is averaging a career high in almost every statistical category all while playing more efficiently with increased minutes on the court. Check out the table below and you can see Hawes's career average compared to this year's gutsy performance.

Per Game Averages





Field Goal Percentage

3 Point Percentage
















Big Double Zero has been asked to play a larger role for the 76ers (6-9 season record) for a team that was considered to be the worse team in the NBA coming into the season. While the sample size is low at 14 games over an 82 game season, his on-court efficiency and chemistry with the NBA's youngest team cannot be ignored. Only Kevin Love and Blake Griffin are averaging over 16 PPG, 10 REB and 3 AST this season.

Oh did I forget to mention that his is shooting nearly 50% from three-point land. On Friday, November 22 Spencer Hawes’s clutch performance led to a win against the Milwaukee Bucks. Inside two minutes left in the game Hawes hit three shots from beyond the arc sending his team to overtime against the Milwaukee Bucks. The game-tying three pointer came with just 1.7 seconds left on the clock as Hawes was fading out of bounds. The silky-smooth shot never touched rim as the 76ers went on to win the game handily in overtime.

What does the future hold for Spencer Hawes? He is a potential a trade piece if a championship contender is looking to add one more stud. He would be a hired gun though as Hawes is a free agent at the end of the season and is playing to earn a contract.

If Spencer Hawes stays in Philadelphia he is likely to be a part of a rebuilding franchise. The 76ers are looking to build in the draft as evidence by their 2013 first round draft pick when they knowingly took an injured Nerlens Noel who is expected to miss this entire season. With the most highly anticipated draft since 2003 (Lebron James, Carmelo Anthony and Dwyane Wade) the 76ers are looking to find their superstar in a draft class for the ages.

While it is hard to predict what may happen over the marathon NBA season, what is clear is that Spencer Hawes is a valuable contributor and is likely to be rewarded for his efforts. A trade or off season signing to a contender could mean a lengthy run into the playoffs and a shot at the NBA title. Conversely, Spencer Hawes could be a pivotal piece in the rebuilding process of the Philadelphia 76ers as young talent emerges into the league next year.

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