If not Sark...then who?

I have slowly come around to the fire Sark side of the fence. I knew I had got there when I came home on the day of the ASU game from taking the kids out and flipped on the computer to see the score and all I was hoping for was that the team had not been blown out. Seeing the blow out I was just disappointed and not very surprised.

I am in Australia so games are tough to watch, but I was able to locate a way to watch the UCLA game live using modern technology (wink wink). I turned off the UCLA game and it wasn't the fumbles but the way the team got run over that disgusted me enough to walk away.

But I am also firmly of the view that you don't make a move unless:

1. You believe the coach has maxed out and shown who he is (I think after 5 years and about 60 games we know who Sark is); and

2. You can get a clearly better coach.

Coming off of the 0-12 year it was tough to get a big name coach to come to the school as it was a dumpster fire. One thing you can say about Sark is that the fire is out and any coach in the business can see the talent on the roster, the support of the AD, the setting and the history. You can win and win big at Washington.

As an aside to prove this point before people say you can't as times have changed look at the Trivia question from the Furd/USC game. Name the 4 teams that have gone to the Rose Bowl the most times? You saw that UW is in the top 4 for playing in the Rose Bowl (tied with Ohio State and behind Michigan and USC). That is a great metric of who is the traditional powers in the Big Ten and Pac 12. If you can learn anything from college football it is that the traditional powers have an in built advantage and football always seems to revert to mean (still hoping for the reversion for the Ducks). Washington is no different, it will revert to mean.

So who is the answer to the second question, who is a clearly better coach.

1. Mora- I know he has his detractors, but going off of all the evidence he is a better coach than Sark. Furthermore, I believe he can be had. If the school pushes hard enough he would leave UCLA for UW. Despite many advantages, UCLA still is a tough place. It is a basketball school,the football program doesn't have great support from the Upper School and while the Rose Bowl is great it is off campus. Mora would come home.

2. Deruyter - I know some people scoff since it is Fresno State, but unlike Sark he is coming in as a head coach and he has a record you can look at to see how he would do. At the very least he would achieve what Sark is achieving so unlikely to be that much of a risk.

3. Petrino - This will raise qualms from the moral majority, but do you know what he does do? He wins and that clears up alot of problems. I also think that given his past he is unlikely to repeat the mistakes of the past. Plus he is from the area (Montana) and given his age (52) he probably won't be moving again.

4. James Franklin - I concede this is a bit of a long shot, but he has maxed out Vandy and I am sure he know it. He would have his choice of jobs, but UW may at least be interesting to him if he doesn't go to USC.

Or UW waits a year, backs the Brink's truck up and goes and grabs Chip Kelly.

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