Gangline Recap Week 5: UW's Opponents' Weekend

Otto Greule Jr

Opponents' Overall Record: 34-14

Opponents' Record Last Week: 6-5

Southern Miss (0-4) @ Boise State (3-2)

This one looked like a good game up to the 10:10 point in the second quarter. That was when the Broncos scored a TD and went up 17-7. Southern Miss never sniffed the scoreboard the rest of the game. Joe Southwick threw three TDs with no interceptions, and averaged 11.7 yards per attempt. It was a pretty good game for the Broncos, as they steamrolled Southern Miss. Final score: Boise State wins 60-7. Oh yeah, there was this too ...

Miami (OH) (0-4) @ Illinois (3-1)

Another blowout here, as Nathaniel Steelchaase threw 5 TD ... this one turned into a rout in the second quarter when the Fighting Illini scored 29 points. Final score: Illinois wins 50-14.

Idaho State (2-2) @ UC Davis (1-4)

The mighty Bengals traveled to California to take on the winless Aggies. The game was really close, as Justin Arias brought the Bengals within 3 points with 7 minutes to go in the 4th quarter. But the Aggies returned the favor and scored a TD of their own, and then forced Idaho State to punt, and then added one more TD for kicks. Final score: UC Davis wins 30-13.

Arizona (3-1) @ #16 Washington (4-0)

Here's the highlights for those of you who want to relive this game.

#5 Stanford (4-0) @ Washington State (3-2)

Washington State had some big britches coming into this game, where they promptly fell off ... repeatedly. Stanford was up 48-3 in the 4th quarter before Wazzu scored two late, garbage time TDs on passes from Austin Apodaca. Kevin Hogan threw for three TDs against one interception while completing 64% of his passes. Final Score: 55-17 Stanford

Cal (1-3) @ #2 Oregon (4-0)

In driving rain (sound familiar) the Ducks put this one out of reach early, going up 27-0 before the first quarter was over. After going up 41-0, Oregon mercifully allowed Cal to put up a field goal with nine seconds remaining in the half from 46 yards out. Final Score: 55-16 Oregon

USC (3-2) @ ASU (3-1)

Cody Kessler threw a touchdown to Tre Madden less than a minute into the second quarter to put USC up 14-7. By the end of the third quarter ASU had 48 points and USC had managed only one additional touchdown. USC made the score closer with 20 fourth quarter points, but ASU still added another two touchdowns to end up with Final Score: ASU 62, USC 41.

Colorado (2-1) @ Oregon State (4-1)

Through ten minutes of play, CU had OSU matched in a tie. Five unanswered TDs later that was no longer true. Sean Mannion ended up with 6 TDs versus only one interception, and the Beavers rolled over the overmatched Buffs. That statement makes zero sense outside of football. Final Score: OSU 44 CU 17

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