Mid Week Debate - LSU

SEATTLE, WA - SEPTEMBER 01: Head coach Steve Sarkisian of the Washington Huskies talks to quarterback Keith Price #17 during the game against the SDSU. (Photo by Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images)

Results from last week: What do you expect out of the Huskies against SDSU? 69% of Dawg fans expected a solid victory, while 8% expected a close, hard fought victory. I'm not sure a 9 point win is a close, hard fought victory, or a solid victory. I'd probably say it was somewhere in between. Overall, I'd say that didn't quite live up to expectations, but there was also a lot to like about the Huskies performance against SDSU.

This Week's Debate: What is the minimum acceptable performance against LSU in Baton Rouge? Throughout the off season we kept hearing how Sark wants the team to take "the next step". What exactly is the next step? Good question. I think "the next step" can be judged at the end of the season, but it can also be judged week to week. This past week against SDSU I think the offense took a small step back, but the defense definitely took a big step forward.

The question remains, what is the minimum acceptable performance against LSU? Are we tired of moral victories? Are we tired of getting blown out? What will satisfy you, the Husky fans, this week against LSU? After the jump is the usual break down of how the game could turn out. Let's hear it Dawg fans, what are your minimum expectations for Saturday's game against LSU?

Not covering the spread, as long as there is some sort of moral victory: Obviously, none of us will be happy with a blow out. Taking the next step is NOT getting blown out every time we played a highly ranked opponent. But what if the defense plays well for the first half, we go into halftime down 7-0, then the game gets away from us in the second half. Can we claim to take the next step if we can't even cover the spread?

Covering the Spread = Losing by 21 points or less: The Huskies start the week as a 22 point underdawg. If the Huskies lose by 14 - 21 points, is that a close enough game to make you happy? Is that taking the next step?

Losing by 14 points or less: If the Dawgs go toe to toe with LSU for three quarters, then fail to keep up in the fourth quarter, more than likely I'd be ok with that performance. Would you be content with losing by 14 points or less? Is that taking the next step?

Losing by 7 points or less: Having realistic expectations is important, losing by 7 points or less would be taking the next step in my opinion.

A Win: This is football, there are winners and losers, we aren't taking the next step if we don't win the game. Moral victories are for Cougar fans.

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