Weekend Debate - Expectations Against SDSU

Head coach Steve Sarkisian of the Washington Huskies reacts badly to Lear Pilot's poll question. He doesn't just think the Huskies are going to win, he thinks they are going to win big! (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)

Results from last week: Who will win the Pac-12 Championship? According to 46% of the Dawg Pound faithful, USC will win the conference championship. Washington was a distant second with 26% of the votes, followed by Oregon with 20% of the votes. This poll also made it quite clear that we are a bunch of homers and most of us would rather see anybody but Oregon win the conference! The good news, there is NOTHING wrong with that!!

This Weekend's Debate: What are your expectations for the Dawgs when they face SDSU on Saturday? Easy, we all expect a win, right? Of course we do, but we are going to dig a bit deeper than that. Do you expect a blow out? A close hard fought battle? Or do you expect them to come out flat and barely squeeze out a win against an inferior opponent (like Eastern Washington last year)?

The first game of the season is always the most tricky when it comes to expectations. To quote a stupid movie; "It's like a box of chocolates. You never know what you are going to get." Will the offense continue where it left off? Will Kasen Williams be as good as we think he is? Can Callier and Sankey make yards when there aren't any holes to run through? Will the defense be improved? How long will it take the defense to gel? Can these new kickers handle the pressure of gameday? Lots of questions that can't be answered until we see the game on Saturday.

Before getting to the break down of my highly original ideas, I want to inform all of the Weekend Debate's faithful readers that this will be the final edition of the Weekend Debate. Well, at least for the football season, given the high amount of activity that happens on the weekends (something to do with football games on Saturdays). The main driving force for the creation of the Weekend Debate was the lack of activity on the weekends during the off season. Seeing as how the amount of activity on the weekends will skyrocket this Saturday, we have decided to adapt and turn the Weekend Debate into the Mid Week Debate. Keep an eye out this coming Tuesday for the first Mid Week Debate.

A Blow Out: The Huskies should be able to line up with two tight ends and play smash mouth football all night long. Then, when SDSU starts to bite, call the play action pass to Kasen or ASJ and light up the scoreboard. Add in a new highly effective attacking defense and the Huskies win by 35+.

A Solid Victory: The offense has a few bumps along the way, but still puts up good numbers while pushing around an inferior opponent. The defense gets off on the right foot, making stops, nothing fancy, but getting the job done.

A Close Hard Fought Victory: Keith Price spends the day on the run, but he makes plays. Callier and Sankey fight hard for their yardage, averaging 4 yards per carry. The defense has some growing pains, they make some stops, but they make some mistakes. The game is all tied up, SDSU is driving down the field with under a minute to play and Shaq starts to become a legend with a pick six to seal the victory.

A Half Assed Victory: Much like last year, the team comes out flat, the coaches call a vanilla game and it takes a last minute field goal by new kicker Travis Coons to squeak out a win.

Armageddon: I won't even say it, but this is the worst case scenario and Coach Sark quickly finds himself on the hotseat.

Let's hear it Dawg fans, what do you expect out of the Huskies on Saturday?

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