Weekend Debate - Greatest Single Game Performance

Quarterback Jake Locker #10 of the Washington Huskies celebrates after making Lear Pilot's list of the greatest single game performances in the history of Washington football. (Photo by Stephen Dunn/Getty Images)

Last Week's Results: No real surprise hear, 61% of the Dawg Pound faithful think that the NCAA should punish the Penn State football program. I am a bit surprised that the victory margin wasn't larger. I really expected to be in a much smaller minority in my belief that the program shouldn't be punished, but the university was fair game.

This Weekend's Debate: Who had the greatest single game performance in the history of Washington football? As Husky fans we've had the privilege of watching some truly great players do some truly amazing things on the football field. But how do you decide who had the single greatest day on the football field? What is more impressive, a quarterback throwing for 450 yards or a running back rushing for nearly 300 yards? One must also add the competition into the equation, we've had many records set against San Jose State, but that pales in comparison to a great performance in the Apple Cup!

Below is the list of candidates I think deserve to be in the discussion, if I've forgotten (or am too young to remember) a great performance, let us know in the comments and I'll do my best to add it to poll.

Chris Polk - 2010 Apple Cup: 284 rushing yards, 29 carries, 9.8 yards per attempt, 2 rushing TD's

If you don't remember this awesome performance, you have a REALLY short term memory! Polk ran through and around every defender WSU could get in his way. It wasn't because of a great offensive line, Chris got the yards the hard way, after contact. He get's bonus points for showing up big when it mattered the most, beating the Cougs in the Apple Cup.

Hugh McElhenney - 1950 Apple Cup: 296 rushing yards, 20 carries, 14.8 yards per attempt, 5 rushing TD's

The original great running performance in an Apple Cup and is still the UW record for most rushing yards in a single game. I wasn't even alive back in the 50's, but you've got to be impressed when you see 14.8 yards per attempt with 20 carries! Did WSU even know how to tackle? Did I mention he had 5 rushing touchdowns too?

Corey Dillon - 1996 vs. San Jose State: 16 carries, 222 rushing yards, 13.9 yards per attempt, 3 rushing TD's

Dillon had a day we'll never forget, he ran for 222 yards and had 83 yards receiving, all in the first quarter of the game! Dillon's performance was a NCAA record for most rushing yards and most total yards in one quarter. He was so dominating that he was pulled before the second quarter even started (UW was leading 36-0). Dillon gets docked a few points considering both Maurice Shaw and Terry Hollimon both rushed for 100+ yards later in the same game.

Dave Williams - 1965 vs. UCLA: 10 receptions, 257 receiving yards, 3 receiving TD's

"TE University" started with Dave Williams. Not only does this still stand as the UW record for most receiving yards in a single game, it was accomplished BY A TIGHT END. ASJ might have NFL talent, but he's going to be hard pressed to break this record!

Cody Pickett - 2001 vs. Arizona: 455 passing yards, 4 passing TD's, 1 rushing TD

In his time at the UW, Cody Pickett rewrote the record book when it came to passing stats. Against Arizona in 2001 he threw for 455 yards, 4 touchdowns and ran the ball in to give the Huskies the final lead. It helps that he threw the ball 49 times, but he also played the majority of the game with a separated shoulder, at times wincing from the pain. You'd think he learned that from Marques Tuiasosopo, but it probably came from his dad, the professional bull rider.

Jake Locker - 2007 vs. Arizona: 336 passing yards, 157 rushing yards, 2 passing TD's, 2 rushing TD's

One of the greatest athletes to ever play football for the Huskies. Jake put the offense on his back, he had career highs in passing yards and rushing yards, not to mention the 4 touchdowns he was involved with. Unfortunately bad defense existed before Nick Holt arrived, the UW lost 48-41. If only they would have let Jake play defense too . . . .

Marques Tuiasosopo - 1999 vs. Stanford: 207 rushing yards, 302 passing yards

Arguably the greatest single game performance, ever. No wonder it's on the list, huh? Tuiasosopo played most of the game with a badly bruised hip, but the Washington Warrior couldn't be stopped. To this day, Marques is the only player in the history of NCAA football to pass for 300 yards and rush for 200 yards, all in the same game! Random movie quote of the week: "Nuff Said".

Keith Price - 2011 Alamo Bowl - 438 yards passing, 39 yards rushing, 4 passing TD's, 3 rushing TD's

Let's hear Dawg fans, who had the greatest single game performance in the history of Washington football?

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