PAC 12 Pickem Results/Conference Tournament Schedule

Tough week for most of us on our picks. That being said the Dawgs are PAC 12 Champs. I believe that has them locked in the tournament. Only a first game loss puts them on the bubble. And that may not be enough to send them to the NIT.

I like where Washington is going heading to the post-season. The top teams in the PAC have risen to the top and started beating each other on their home courts. That was predicted. What that means is we should expect some upset come NCAA time. Because UW and Cal are not as bad as predicted. Arizona's loss to ASU may have ruined my prediction that the PAC would get 3 teams. But if Oregon can win a couple game they could get in also. Arizona probably has to win the tournament. UW and Cal are almost locks unless either of the falls in the second round. Dont sleep on CU or UCLA trying to play cinderella either. This should be a competitive tournament. I wont be as fortunate this to catch the championship game right after my sons baseball. Their start times are almost identical this year.

This is the last week for pics. But dont forget to join the uwdawpound tournament challenge for all you NCAA bragging rights. And now the results:

PurpleHeart 8-2

datboyeddiep 7-3

johnnycougar 7-3

CAHusky 6-4

CODawg 6-4

Randall Floyd 6-4

Charles188 5-5

bigdave967 5-5

Ben Knibbe 5-5

canisinvictus 5-5


CAHusky 83-25 .769 (can he hold of PurpleHeart)

PurpleHeart 81-27 .750

CODawg 80-28 .741

datboyeddiep 64-22 .744

johnnycougar 60-26 .698

Charles188 31-11 .738

bigdave967 32-12 .728

Ben Knibbe 40-14 .714

UW11Bowdown 18-4 .818

sundodger 21-11 .656

John Berkowitz 27-17 .613

bmoney 26-18 .591

Schedule (All games played at Staples Center)

First Round

game 1 8 WSU vs 9 OSU

game 2 5 UClA vs 12 USC

Game 3 6 CU vs 11 UTah

Game 4 7 Stanford vs 10 ASU

Second Round

game 5 8/9 winner vs UW

game 6 5/12 winner vs Arizona

Game 7 6/11 winner vs Oregon

Game 8 2/10 winner vs Cal


Game 5 winner vs Game 6 winner

Game 7 winner vs game 8 winner


Winners of the semis

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