Washington(5-3) vs. Saint Joseph's(1-5) Series Preview

Good morning read - An article about northern teams getting fed up with the south ruling baseball, and talking drastic measures to even the score. Would be very interesting if the Big Ten actually followed through with any of this.

Let the celebration begin! The new locker rooms and baseball facility are officially open for use. The Dawgs moved into the new locker rooms Monday night after flying home, and I have to say B Money and co. did a fabulous job. Jake Lamb kindly tweeted a pic to let everyone enjoy the moment, along with Caleb Brown and Brian Wolfe. Here is a video from the Washington Husky Baseball Facebook page. For Lamb it had to be a great feeling placing a HR ball from that day on the top shelf of his new home... Keep it going guys, new ballpark next!

Preview after the jump...

gohuskies.com UW Baseball Schedule - Go there, find what day your looking for and the streaming video/stats links will be found for every game. If you can't make it to the ballpark at least you can watch; I am also here during games, so if you would like updates of the action just ask.

3/2/'12 5:00 PM, RHP Aaron West with the start

3/3/'12 1:00 PM RHP Austin Voth

3/3/'12 1:00 PM RHP George Asmus

3/4/'12 1:00 PM LHP Mac Acker

Game time! Home field action this weekend with an opponent the Dawgs lineup should (anything can happen on any day in baseball) eat for lunch. If you like offensive games with hits and runs a plenty, then this is your weekend to be in the bleachers. Washington will not face a weaker foe at home this year without question. Four games, with a double-header on Saturday to show the home crowd who they really are. This will be the first meeting between Washington and Saint Joseph's.

With a double-header on tap bullpen management is going to be key, and starters need to go at least 5 innings. Those are the four pitchers Coach Lyndsay Meggs targeted as starters before the season, and all have pitched well recently. Voth seemed to shake the rust off last weekend and Acker looked solid again. Acker on Sunday will be a key game to watch, if only to see how he does in his first start. He looked great in relief so far, and I'm expecting the same.

With most of the PAC-12 padding the early schedule, it is now Washington's turn. According to the collegesplits.com Power Rankings, SJ is #242 in the land with UW #50. Yes, they rank every D-1 team the country, and update daily. MLB teams purchase stats and information on college teams/prospects from these guys. A must bookmark for any baseball fan, especially if you want to find out who the next Dustin Ackley and Danny Hultzen will be in the upcoming draft...

The Saint Joseph's Hawks hail from Philadelphia, PA. Their Head Coach is Fritz Hamburg, and his previous coaching job was at the United States Military Acadamy. No boys named Sue need apply. He led SJ to 21 wins last year and has a reputation for developing pitchers and catchers, so we might face some decent arms.

Other than that, there is not much information to be found on them, unless somebody has relatives in Pennsylvania..

Go Dawgs!

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